Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

00 - Holiday Pages, Filler Art, and Miscellaneous:

Happy Halloween ’07 Merry Christmas ’07 Merry Christmas ’08 April Fool’s Day ’09 Remix Lightning Lad Shield Villain Contest Raagh Villain Contest Thinkeress Villain Contest The Coroner Dark Illumina Christmas ’11 Gen Con ’12 The New Mrs. Wagner Val Costume Contest Anubis Val Cover Family Week: Ro and Joh Family Week: Rowan, Morgain and little Ro Family Week: DOMA DOWN Family Week: Isauro and Mark Family Week: Kyoko and Dion Congratulations Elena and Jackie Costume Contest Mack and Val Cosplay Val Cosplay Christmas ’13 Congrats Dr Franny! Vortex Warrior Priest IX Healing Touch Concepts Sensibilities Not that Avatar Mandatory Community Service Fanart Contest Winner Fanart Contest Runner Up Fanart Contest Honorable Mention Spine Sense Congratulations Ted and Jane! Poster! The Dark Meanwhile… Love Wins! Rewrite Contest I Rewrite Contest II Rewrite Contest III Rewrite Contest IV Christmas 2015 Mack Beam Hackery Shmackery Interim XXVII TRAUMA B GONE Coloring Contest I Coloring Contest II Coloring Contest III Coloring Contest IV Kitties! It’s Been a Minute… HeroCon I HeroCon IV Christmas 2017 The Boss XII Congratulations Owen and Beth Laura Life! Concept Art Baker AMA Thanks, Kaci! Positively Wonderful NaNoWriMo Filler I Windows XI Windows Filler Windows XVII Tablet Nooooo Gen Con! The Letter II NaNoWriMo 2019 New Hire I Stay Safe, Stay Home Look At This Dog! Womp Womp Owen is the Best Teacher in the Comic and in Real Life Making It IX Making It X Making It XII Making It XVII The Best of Dogs Stay Home Hero What I Do! There WILL be a comic, but LOOK AT THIS! Moving Up IV Moving Up V

01 - Intro:

Intro I Intro II News I News II News III

02 - Floating in Heels:

Tetris Costume Floating in Heels I Floating in Heels II Floating in Heels III Big Gun

03 - Bar Scene I:

Bar Scene I

04 - Superhero School:

Superhero School I Superhero School II Superhero School III Superhero School IV Superhero School V

05 - Bar Scene II:

Bar Scene II

06 - Meet Mackenzie:

Meet Mackenzie I Meet Mackenzie II

07 - Bank Robbery:

Bank Robbery I Bank Robbery II Bank Robbery III Bank Robbery IV

08 - Maelstrom:

Maelstrom I Maelstrom II Maelstrom III Maelstrom IV

09 - Conference:

Conference I Conference II Conference III Conference IV

10 - Vigilante:

Vigilante I Vigilante II Vigilante III Vigilante IV

11 - Christmas '07:

Christmas ’07

12 - Dr. Wright:

Dr. Wright I Dr. Wright II Dr. Wright III Dr. Wright IV Dr. Wright V Dr. Wright VI

14 - Nigeria:


15 - Mr. Ferret:

Mr. Ferret I Mr. Ferret II Mr. Ferret III

17 - Dr. Wright Returns:

Dr. Wright Returns I Dr. Wright Returns II Dr. Wright Returns III Dr. Wright Returns IV Dr. Wright Returns V Dr. Wright Returns VI Dr. Wright Returns VII Dr. Wright Returns VIII Dr. Wright Returns IX Dr. Wright Returns X

18 - Mr. Bat's Replacement:

Mr. Bat’s Replacement

19 - Party at Mary's:

Party I Party II Party III

20 - Meet Isauro:

Meet Isauro I Meet Isauro II Meet Isauro III Meet Isauro IV Meet Isauro V

21 - Hookers and Heels:

Hookers and Heels

22 - Body Switch:

Body Switch I Body Switch II Clockwork Joe Memorial Body Switch III Body Switch IV Body Switch V Body Switch VI Body Switch VII Body Switch VIII Body Switch IX Body Switch X Body Switch XI

23 - Closet I:

Closet I

24 - Teamwork!:

Teamwork I Teamwork II Teamwork III Teamwork IV Teamwork V Teamwork VI Teamwork VII Teamwork VIII Teamwork IX Teamwork X Teamwork XI

25 - Isauro Backstory:

Isauro Backstory I Isauro Backstory II Isauro Backstory III Isauro Backstory IV Isauro Backstory V Isauro Backstory VI Isauro Backstory VII Isauro Backstory VIII Isauro Backstory IX Isauro Backstory X

26 - Advice:

Advice I Advice II

27 - Into the Dungeon:

Dungeon I Dungeon II Dungeon III Dungeon IV Dungeon V Dungeon VI Dungeon VII Dungeon VIII Dungeon IX Dungeon X Dungeon XI Dungeon XII and XIII Dungeon XIV Dungeon XV and XVI Dungeon XVII and XVIII Dungeon XIX Dungeon XX Dungeon XXI Dungeon XXII Dungeon XXIII and XXIV

28 - Toy Story:

Toy Story I Toy Story II Toy Story III Toy Story IV

29 - Closet II:

Mr. Ferret vs The Closet

30 - First Date:

First Date I First Date II First Date III First Date IV First Date V First Date VI First Date VII First Date VIII

31 - Shield:

Introducing Shield

32 - Abducted Heroes:

Abducted Heroes I Abducted Heroes II Abducted Heroes III Abducted Heroes IV Abducted Heroes V Abducted Heroes VI Abducted Heroes VII Abducted Heroes VIII Abducted Heroes IX Abducted Heroes X Abducted Heroes XI Abducted Heroes XII Abducted Heroes XIII Abducted Heroes XIV Abducted Heroes XV Abducted Heroes XVI Abducted Heroes XVII Abducted Heroes XVIII Abducted Heroes XIX Abducted Heroes XX Abducted Heroes XXI Abducted Heroes XXII Abducted Heroes XXIII

33 - Second Date:

Second Date I Second Date II Second Date III Second Date IV Second Date V Second Date VI Second Date VII Second Date VIII

34 - Youthful Ward:

Youthful Ward I Youthful Ward II

35 - Beauty:

Beauty I Beauty II Beauty III Beauty IV Beauty V Beauty VI Beauty VII Beauty VIII Beauty IX Beauty X Beauty XI Meanwhile

36 - Measure of a Hero:

Measure of a Hero I Measure of a Hero II Measure of a Hero III

37 - Breakup:

Break Up I Break Up II Break Up III

38 - Break in at the Rectory:

Break in at the Rectory I Break in at the Rectory II Break in at the Rectory III Break in at the Rectory IV

39 - Coroner:

Coroner I Coroner II Coroner III Coroner IV Coroner V Coroner VI Coroner VII Coroner VIII Coroner IX Coroner X Coroner XI Coroner XII Coroner XIII

40 - Funeral:

Funeral I Funeral II Funeral III Funeral IV Funeral V Funeral VI Funeral VII

41 - Introductions:

Introductions I Introductions II Introductions III Introductions IV Introductions V Introductions VI

42 - Rogue:

Rogue I Rogue II Rogue III Rogue IV Rogue V Guest Rogue VI Rogue VII Rogue VIII Rogue IX Rogue XI Rogue XII Rogue XIII Rogue XIV Rogue XV Rogue XVIII Rogue XVII Rogue XVI Rogue XIX Rogue XX Rogue XXI Rogue XXII Meanwhile

43 - Giant Robot:

Giant Robot I Giant Robot II Giant Robot III Giant Robot IV Giant Robot V Giant Robot VI Giant Robot VII

44 - Sparkle:

Sparkle I Sparkle II Sparkle III Sparkle IV Sparkle V Sparkle VI Sparkle VII Sparkle VIII Sparkle IX Sparkle X Sparkle XI Sparkle XII

45 - Arrest:

Arrest I Arrest II Arrest III Arrest IV Arrest V Arrest VI Arrest VII Arrest VIII Arrest IX Arrest X

46 - Haze's Hero Debut:

Chris’s New Costume Haze’s Hero Debut I Haze’s Hero Debut II Haze’s Hero Debut III Haze’s Hero Debut IV Haze’s Hero Debut V Haze’s Hero Debut VI Haze’s Hero Debut VII

47 - Family:

Family I Family II Family III Family IV Family V Family VI Family VII Family VIII Family IX Family X

48 - Another World:

Another World I Another World II Another World III Another World IV Another World V Another World VI Another World VII Another World VIII Another World IX Another World X Another World XI Another World XII Another World XIII Another World XIV Another World XV Another World XVI Another World XVII Another World XVIII Another World XIX Another World XX Another World XXI and XXII Another World XXIII and XXIV Another World XXV Another World XXVI Another World XXVII Another World XXVIII Another World XXIX Another World XXX Another World XXXI Another World XXXII Another World XXXIII Another World XXXIV Another World XXXV Another World XXXVI Another World XXXVII Another World XXXVIII Another World XXXIX Another World L Another World XLI Another World XLII Another World XLIII Another World XLIV Another World XLV

49 - Future Talk:

Future Talk I Future Talk II Future Talk III Future Talk IV Future Talk V

50 - Fishnet Follies:

Fishnet Follies I Fishnet Follies II Fishnet Follies III Fishnet Follies IV Fishnet Follies V

51 - Mustelid Mysteries:

Mustelid Mysteries

52 - Warrior Priest:

Warrior Priest I Warrior Priest II Warrior Priest III Warrior Priest IV Warrior Priest V Warrior Priest VI Warrior Priest VII Warrior Priest VIII Warrior X Warrior Priest XI Warrior Priest XII Warrior Priest XIII Warrior Priest XIV Warrior Priest XV Warrior Priest XVI Warrior Priest XVII Warrior Priest XVIII Warrior Priest XIX

53 - Hazel and Jasper:

Hazel and Jasper I Jasper and Hazel II Hazel and Jasper III Hazel and Jasper IV

54 - She's a Real Gem:

She’s a Real Gem I She’s a Real Gem II She’s a Real Gem III She’s a Real Gem IV She’s a Real Gem V She’s a Real Gem VI

55 - Adventures of Sidekick Boy:

Adventures of Sidekick Boy I and II Adventures of Sidekick Boy III Adventures of Sidekick Boy IV Adventures of Sidekick Boy V Adventures of Sidekick Boy VI Adventures of Sidekick Boy VII Adventures of Sidekick Boy VIII Adventures of Sidekick Boy IX Adventures of Sidekick Boy X Adventures of Sidekick Boy XI Adventures of Sidekick Boy XII Adventures of Sidekick Boy XIII Adventures of Sidekick Boy XIV Adventures of Sidekick Boy XV Adventures of Sidekick Boy XVI Adventures of Sidekick Boy XVII Adventures of Sidekick Boy Meanwhile

56 - Gravity:

Gravity I Gravity II Gravity III Gravity IV Gravity V Gravity VI Gravity VII Gravity VIII Gravity IX Gravity X Gravity XI Gravity XII Gravity XIII Gravity XIV Gravity XV Gravity XVI Gravity XVII Gravity XVIII Gravity XIX Gravity XX Gravity XXI Gravity XXII Gravity XXIII Gravity XXIV Gravity XXV Gravity XXVI Gravity XVII Gravity XXVIII Gravity Aftermath

56 - Reunion:

Reunion I Reunion II Reunion III Reunion IV Reunion V Reunion VI


Interim I Interim II Interim III Interim IV Interim V Interim VI Interim VII Interim VIII Interim IX Interim X Interim XI Interim XII Interim XIII Interim XIV Interim XV Interim XVI Interim XVII Interim XVIII Interim XIX Interim XX Interim XXI Interim XXII Interim XXIII Interim XXIV Interim XXV Interim XXVI Interim XXVII Interim XXVIII Interim XXIX Interim XXX Interim XXXI

59 - Visitation:

Visitation I Visitation II Visitation III Visitation IV

60 - Mackenzie Returns:

Mackenzie Returns Prologue Mackenzie Returns I Mackenzie Returns II Mackenzie Returns III Mackenzie Returns IV Mackenzie Returns V

61 - Back to the Streets:

Back on the Streets I Back to the Streets II Back on the Streets III Back on the Streets IV Back on the Streets V Back on the Streets VI

62 - Vigilante Drug Wars: Dawn of justice:

Vigilante Drug Wars: Dawn of Justice I Vigilante Drug Wars: Dawn of Justice Vigilante Drug Wars: Dawn of Justice III Vigilante Drug Wars: Dawn of Justice IV

63 - An Unexpected Visit:

An Unexpected Visit I An Unexpected Visit II An Unexpected Visit III An Unexpected Visit An Unexpected Visit V

64 - Anniversary:

Anniversary I Anniversary II Anniversary III Anniversary IV Anniversary V Anniversary VI

65 - HeroCon:

HeroCon II HeroCon III HeroCon V HeroCon VI HeroCon VII HeroCon VIII HeroCon IX HeroCon X HeroCon XI HeroCon XII HeroCon XIII HeroCon XIV

66 - Hero Handbook:

Hero Handbook I Hero Handbook II Hero Handbook III Hero Handbook IV Hero Handbook V

67 - The Boss:

The Boss I The Boss II The Boss III The Boss IV The Boss V The Boss VI The Boss VII The Boss VIII The Boss IX The Boss X The Boss XI

68 - Noob:

Noob I Noob Noob III Noob IV Noob V

69 - Check Up:

Check Up I Check Up II Check Up III Check Up IV Check Up V

70 - Imp Alley:

Imp Alley I Imp Alley II Imp Alley III Imp Alley IV Imp Alley V

70 - Luminosity:

Luminosity I Luminosity II

71 - Mr Nickel:

Mr Nickel I Mr Nickel II Mr Nickel III Mr Nickel IV Mr Nickel V Mr Nickel VI Mr Nickel VII Mr Nickel VIII

72 - Windows:

Windows I Windows II Windows III Windows IV Windows V Windows VI Windows VII Windows VIII Windows IX Windows X Windows XII Windows XIII WindowsXIV Windows XV Windows XVI Windows XVIII Windows XIX Windows XX Windows XXI Windows XXII Windows XXIII Windows XXIV Windows XXV Windows XXVI Windows XXVII Windows XXIV Windows XXX Windows XXXI Windows XXXII Windows XXXIII Windows XXXIV Windows XXXV

73 - The Letter:

The Letter I

74 - Revelation:

Revelation I Revelations II Revelation III Revelation IV Revelation V Revelation VI Revelation VII Revelation VIII Revelation IX Revelation X Revelation XI Revelation XII Revelations XIII Revelation XIV

75 - Bridge Talk:

Bridge Talk I Bridge Talk II Bridge Talk III Bridge Talk IV

76 - New Hire:

New Hire II

77 - Impact and Haze:

Impact and Haze I Impact and Haze II Impact and Haze III Impact and Haze IV Impact and Haze V Impact and Haze VI Stay Safe, Stay Home

78 - Making It:

Making It I Making It II Making It III Making It IV Making It V Making It VI Making It VII Making It VIII Making It XI Making It XIII Making It XIV Making It XV Making It XVI Making It XVIII

79 - Containment:

Containment I Containment II Containment III Containment IV Containment V Containment VI

80 - Moving Up:

Moving Up I Moving Up II Moving Up III Moving Up VI Moving Up VII
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