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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

I'll probably ask for Hazel next.

This is our LAST week of Laura’s Moving filler! Her last day at the old place was yesterday. Last bits packed, all the garbage hauled, everything cleaned, and her new house. is. beautiful. Seriously. Next week it’s time to get back into the regular routine. Thanks for your patience.

So, for filler! You guys all know Something Positive, right? I know some of you came from there. It’s a great comic, and Randy is a top-notch guy. The first time I met him was at Penguicon in 2010, and I was wearing my SG shirt. And I’m getting ready to walk up to the table and try to speak like a rational human, and he looks at my shirt, and says “Oh, you know that comic?” and I kind of sputter “I make this comic!” (meanwhile Laura is in the background chuckling at me.)

He knew me because we’d put an ad on Something Positive, and he had to look at it before he approved it. He’s remembered me every time I’ve seen him at a con since. We have a nice little chat, and he draws one of our characters.

Those cards the sketches are done on? He’s got a big stack of them at his booth and will do any quick sketch you like. He’s going to be at Gencon, where we will not be. So if you’re going to Gencon, go say hello, read Something Positive if you haven’t already, and tell Randy that Erika from Sidekick Girl sent you to say hi.

One response to “Positively Wonderful”

  • Mike on August 2, 2018 at 12:34 AM

    I’ve never not heard good stories about Randy. For a guy who claims to be an old curmudgeon people sure speak highly of him 😀

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