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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex


What a month it was!  Laura and I both set personal bests for words written and words written in a single day.  Our region had a banner year for winners, and a grand time at all the events put on by our awesome team.  And we’re FULL of ideas for the new year!  Thanks to those of you who sent us good wishes, and congrats to all the winners among you!  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, is the place to start.  😉

You gotta have a really good reason to knock over an old lady.

Failing to mention JUST HOW BADLY the death ray failed to ray Mack and Val to death, eh, Joe?

4 responses to “Adventures of Sidekick Boy VIII”

  1. Q-dog says:

    Must have been painful. Should have made a freeze ray! That way, you could have stopped the world…

  2. Mujaki says:

    See, there’s your problem. You SAY you want a “death ray,” but what you really want is an “anti-life vector.” You have to be more precise about these things!

  3. Q-dog says:

    Specificity is the soul of all good communication.

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