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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

Someone should probably tell him his hair looks nice.


and yesterday was Laura’s birthday, woo!

12 responses to “Visitation II”

  1. Brad says:

    Happy Birthday Laura!

  2. Black Rose says:

    A happy belated birthday to you Laura.

  3. Moe says:

    Happy birthday, Laura!

    =( Dion…

    • MattoMatteo says:

      I think Val means that Dion will not be in jail, if he haven’t killed the Coroner.

      • MattoMatteo says:

        Sorry Moe, I intended to reply to David Johnston… ^_^’

      • David Johnston says:

        If he’d just killed the Coroner he’d probably have been OK with a leave of absence and much therapy. Allowances could be made for a heat of the moment killing considering how hard it would have been to stop him nonlethally. But the killing spree before that was as far beyond the pale at what the Coroner was doing.

  4. David Johnston says:

    Ehn? I wish he hadn’t killed a dozen irrelevant people. The Coroner I’m pretty OK with. He wasn’t a guy you wanted to pull punches with.

  5. Greywolf1963 says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I understand Val’s position on the killing, but I agree that I’m okay with him killing the guy. In some ways I would argue if he had only taken out the Coroner that it was not murder. After all, guy was already dead, no more murder than taking down a zombie.

  6. Pastangum says:

    Dion. Taking ‘differently abled’ to its DESERVED level.

    Also, feliz cumplea~nos Laura! (Not sure how to do the n-tilde on PCs.)

    • Mujaki says:

      Behold the power of Alt Codes!
      With numlock on, hold down the alt key, and then hit 164 on your keypad for a lowercase ñ. 165 gives Ñ.

      • Pastangum says:

        ¡Muchas gracias, Mujaki! You reminded me of that ‘hidden’ technique I’d forgotten about, and I thank you. (Also, alt-173 is the inverted ! symbol for Spanish grammar. Sadly I’ve gotten lazy and forgotten which vowels get accents.)

        Pastangum “alt-code for smiley face” Felinix

  7. The passing critic says:

    I guess Val doesnt give a dang about the dozen dead npcs then XD(joking!)

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