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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

No comic this week.  Erika’s dog has gone from getting diagnosed with giant tumor, to emergency surgery where we expected either lose her or have to put her down from cancer, to miraculously coming through and now maybe is going to be okay…in less than 48 hours.  I am physically and emotionally SPENT.

If I ever see my face again....!


Stay warm, friends, in Metro City and beyond.

6 responses to “Windows XI”

  1. ukezi says:

    If there is one alternative dimension there will be others.

  2. The Passing Critic says:

    Its oddly dumb of her to assume theres only one alternate timeline

  3. Ed Rhodes says:

    Asimov pointed that out in his book; “The Gods Themselves,” “Two is an unreasonable number!”

    • Foradain says:

      IIRC, zero and one had no theoretical problems (although zero universes gave you a shortage of hyper-physicists who can be researching the question) but after that each new continuum discovered leads to the question, “Why shouldn’t there be another?”

  4. Khlovia says:

    I am particularly enjoying the art on this page. Expressive Val is expressive!

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