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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

mic drop.

20 responses to “Gravity XVII”

  1. Jordan says:


    She just got gravity control powers. Holy crap.

  2. EvilKiru says:

    Well, he indirectly admitted to stealing them from her in the first place, so she took them back!

  3. xero says:

    Ding! Lvl up

  4. Maxilu says:


    Of course you lost.

    You were monologuing.

    Do you not remember Hero School? Villian Monologuing 101; How to Ensure Victory.

    It’s a required class.

  5. Zodo says:

    She didn’t drop Mike.
    She dropped Declan!

  6. Black Rose says:

    Looks like Declan’s hold on the others is wearing off! What’s next? Will he be imprisoned?

  7. livvy says:

    Ooh. New level comes with light beacon. Bet that thing can be seen for miles.

  8. Burnitall says:

    Wonder if the sibs share a “Power Pool”. Brother could have been hogging it.


    …Damn. She threw him HARD. Not only is he out cold, but the pavement is cracked. (BEWARE THE SCARY MACK)

    Maybe this is a turning point for Mack. She’s obviously capable powerwise.

  10. Laura says:

    There are few things I enjoy drawing more than a pointed toe high heel superhero boot.

  11. The passing critic says:

    Geez talk about anticlimax villain,He really IS as dumb as his sister!

    • SolCannibal says:

      Not exactly dumb, possibly just genre blind because he sees himself as a person, not a comic book character. Not to mention his vanity, egocentrism and disbelief due to a whole lifetime of being dismissive of his sister as the weakling of the two.

  12. Random Spectator says:

    And “The Light” emerges. Well done, Mack!

  13. Caliban says:

    “So what are your powers?”

    “I can fly, make light beams…and manipulate my brothers powers. Comes in useful more often than you’d think.”

  14. Tilly the Hun says:

    Funny, I thought I’d responded to this.

    Either way, I first saw this when I was heading into a job interview. I have mega PTSD, and seeing Val overcome gave me the strength to go in and ace it. Thanks so much, and glad to be a long time reader!

  15. Tilly the Hun says:

    Just saw the news. Carpal tunnel is no joke- I’m giving your luck back to you in the hopes you guys have a great day anyway!

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