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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Trying really hard to get everything back on track.  Thanks for your patience.

communication is key!

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It’s our birthday tomorrow! We’re 11 years old!

9 responses to “Check Up V”

  1. Ben says:

    A Happy Early Birthday then!

  2. Khlovia says:

    “No much older than 100”? But that’s scarcely longevitous at all! We are all of us, already, telomerically entitled to 120! (Meaning that if something else doesn’t get us first, our telomeres run out of replicability at around age 120. Whenever you read an “oldest person in the world just died” news story, the age at death is always in the vicinity of 120.) Healing factor would necessarily affect telomeric replicability. I would have expected our girl to be looking at 150 at least.

    • Twitch says:

      Hmm, I’ll play Devil’s Advocate. Her healing factor might only optimize cell repair/maintenance not the replication process. She heals as the ‘normal’ rate but we haven’t seen if its the regeneration or scarification processes.

    • ukezi says:

      It’s not like as most supers in comic would die from age. Also “geting not too much older then a hundred is a great way to have to bury a son. We tend to not life to much more then 80.

  3. Storel says:

    Also, just because her healing factor heals obvious injuries doesn’t mean it can handle everything that just plain wears out in a body eventually. For example, the kinds of brain changes that take place with Alzheimer’s might not be considered an “injury” that triggers healing.

  4. Xero says:

    Come to think of it how the heck does she have tattoos that haven’t healed away

    • Anvildude says:

      The tat, after the initial ink-insertion wound, isn’t an ‘injury’ or ‘scar’. It’s just… little droplets of ink, hanging out in the skin, not doing anything. They’re just deep enough that they don’t get wiped out by the skin’s renewal process.

      • Aeshdan says:

        I always assumed it was keyed to self-image. She thinks of the tattoos as part of herself, so the healing power doesn’t erase them.

  5. Katy says:

    Considering my grandma is coming up on 97, 100 doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. But maybe her family doesn’t live much past 80? (Guess who’s grandparents all made to at least 80?) Still grandma has outlived all her peers and most of her family (only siblings left are younger than she), so I guess 100 is respectable.
    But I’m so glad these two are talking. I love their relationship. Perfect? No. But it is a good one. I hope Isauro’s mess can be straightened out for the best.

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