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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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The biggest tragedy is KNOWING you're dumb, and not being able to stop it.

The ironic (or possibly fironic) thing is that although knowing this about Mack gives her more depth and moves her away from the bundle of cliches that she was, it ALSO gives her some Tragic Backstory, which just increases her value to the system in those same cliched ways.


13 responses to “Family VI”

  1. Jerden says:

    Well, at least now she’s cliched in an interesting way! Tragic backstory is great, who doesn’t want one?

  2. ParanoidSpy says:

    The alt-text. Way to make me cry over what had been a laughable cliche.

    • Syncline says:

      yeah, A-t FTW.
      Maybe Mack will have a decent radiation accident … although she kinda IS a light-based radiation accident all the time….

  3. kaci says:

    so…. ex boyfriend (Drake?) is dating roomie’s friend (Chris) who is also his sidekick? yes? no? just making it more awkward to bring it up?

  4. Datatroll says:

    It took her sidekick less than a day to be more proficient with her abilities than she was, kick more ass than she did, and be more efficient about it than she is. Mack isn’t stupid, but I think she spends a little too much time alternating between the pitty pot and the glamour girl image she is trying to maintain. If she tried as hard to be a hero as she does to look like she thinks they should, she would likely be kicking some ass.

    Been reading this comic for a long time, and frankly I have been waiting for either Mack to get her shit together or die. Nice to see there might be some movement in the general direction of making her a better character.

    (Which is not to say I don’ love the comic, I really do. But, you asked for discussion.)

    • Prince Charon says:

      Mostly agreeing with Datatroll, here. I kind of suspect her knowing that she’s not to bright, and knowing that she’s not terribly competent, fed her self-esteem problems, which is why seeing Sidekick Girl use her powers better than her didn’t give her the kick in the pants she needed to start improving (instead, it probably made her self-esteem issues *worse*).

      Low self-esteem is something that’s hard to dig your way out of. Good thing she has someone to help her, who now knows more about what the problem is.

  5. Super Poopy Diaper Girl says:

    It’s not a tragic background story.
    It’s a character’s life.
    This web comic is titled “Sidekick Girl”. It has always been about the sidekicks, the downstairs of the mansion.

    My super power is I can change a poopy diaper.
    It’s not much, but see what happens if the diaper is never changed.

    Mack does her job.
    I know some real heros, and they all say that boredom in underrated.

  6. BrogueTheRogue says:

    Prior to this, Illumina was probably the weakest character in the story. I’m interested to see where she goes now, because now she has the greatest potential for growth, and that’s what makes characters interesting.

  7. Eric says:

    Am I the only one who reads this backstory and thinks that Mack’s brother might be the vigilante?

  8. Khlovia says:

    Parental expectations.
    Ruining lives since 40,000 BCE or thereabouts.

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