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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

If you want to try to do something, just ask the DM.  If they respond "You can certainly TRY," rethink your idea.

One of these speech bubbles is a real person saying a real thing they have actually said. Can you guess which one?

Also, that cat is Mango, Gnora’s cat. (Gnora is the one in the black shirt with the hair long in front and short in the back.) He is not solid orange. He is an orange tabby. But tabby is a pain to color, and he doesn’t mind being solid orange.

13 responses to “Noob III”

  1. Jade says:

    The math’s pretty easy (depending on the system) and the whole thing is more fun than it looks.
    I mean, my character once landed drunk and naked on the roof of an onsen that was surounded by dancing trees. You wouldn’t associate math with that, would you?

    • Black Rose says:

      Poor Jasper,this NOT quite what he expects…!

    • Zodo says:

      The math could be far worse. They could be using HERO system. Superheros playing a Superhero game would be interesting… Though it’s been done in GRRL Power.

      • Sidekickgirl says:

        They could be playing Chartmaster, where you can literally die trying to walk down a hallway.

        • TheAuldGrump says:

          And look at a chart, which tells you which chart to look at, which leads to a chart for what happens….

          Good old Chart Law. 😛

      • Dread Pirate says:

        Heh. I love the HERO system, but my god would that be awful as a first experience in RPGs!

      • The Other Mike says:

        As a friend of mine says, if HERO System had been created by White Wolf, it would be called “Algebra: The Calculating.”

    • tomyironmane says:

      Pathfinder system. It is D&D 3.5, more or less, with a few class changes, buffs, and improvements. There’s bookkeeping and addition and subtraction involved. Nothing that you can’t count on your fingers, at least as long as you’re not rolling big crits or massive sneak attack damage.

      The math is easy enough. Getting used to a game mechanic is harder.

  2. Kaamio says:

    Well, since nobody says noice and succulents is a far fetched word (I guess spesific events might acvount for it) I’m going to go with vegan cannibal as the real one.

    • Twitch says:

      …nope. I must go with succulents or ‘Noice’
      Most vegans I know don’t eat meat because it has chems and/or cruelty. A modern human is chock full of antibiotics, stress hormones, plus we eat NASTY shit. It would be like eating a buzzard or coyote.

  3. Sidekickgirl says:

    Now we’ve got a debate!

    Point of order. Gnora is vegetarian, not vegan. Her biology is comprised of approximately 37% cheese.

  4. theMarc says:

    That alt text is the truest thing I’ve read this year.

  5. StSword says:

    To be fair, between regular old tabletop or virtual reality shenanigans like in that storyline, I think like nine people out of ten would prefer the virtual reality to throwing dice.

    And I say that as a tabletop fan.

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