Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Trying really hard to get everything back on track.  Thanks for your patience.

Only the finest aged oak, for the discerning dudebro.


SE Michigan people, you’re coming to Penguicon, riiiiiight?

13 responses to “Check Up III”

  1. Jade says:

    Oh, second step to complete immortality. Next step: Rapid healing.
    Isauro should have become a vampire after all.

  2. Ragingagnostic says:

    Fourth panel: Quiet, you stupid assailant. We’re talking here.

  3. Mujaki says:

    That’s not QUITE how “you have the right to remain silent” is supposed to work.

  4. Khlovia says:

    LOL. Punches him out with the same arm he hit. Just to make a point.

  5. Abaddon says:

    Does Mack not know how tough Val really is? I thought she knew Val was effectively Superhero ranked in ability. Guess Val has been keeping it hidden.

    • David Johnston says:

      Val wasn’t that tough before. This is a new development. Just as Mack has acquired new power, so has Val.

  6. Gene says:

    If I remember right Val got run over by a car and broke most of her bones , but did not die, and healed at a normal rate. So she may not know if now her bones are harder to brake. Maybe when she gets hurt, she heals so she can not get hurt that way again.

    • T'Renn says:

      @Gene: That’s not a bad thought; it would make her powerset like a (slightly less Kryptonian and considerably more personable) version of Doomsay.

      On the other hand, it’s also possible that Val and Mac’s XP advancement was linked when they teamed up, so when Mac had her angst-induced epiphany, Val also gained new abilities. However, since up to now most of her character sheet has been passive abilities, she never thought to look at it, and only just realized now that the GM basically telegraphed it to her. 😀

  7. Greywolf1963 says:

    Or low level radiation from Mac’s light powers is uping the Dark powers of Val and she is making her way towards being a partner rather than just a sidekick.

  8. wierdweblurker says:

    Can we all just appreciate how disappointed this mook looks? Like, he really wanted to be that lucky guy who manages to knock out a sidekick, and then this one just happens to be tough enough that your weapon breaks off on her.

  9. Dread Pirate says:

    Oh no, I just now realized this comic uses Alt Text. Now I’m going to have to go back through the entire archive. Awesome!

  10. Eric says:

    “But this was real wood. This was solid wood.”

    Unless he thinks Val is a Golden Age Green Lantern, I don’t see how that helps.

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