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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

Ok, kinda lied last week. THIS is the big reveal.

Hey, look, you guys get TWO comics this week!  Aren’t you excited?  You should be.  Surprise!

Also, hey, check out who’s underneath the shadows.  Betcha nobody saw THAT coming.

31 responses to “Another World XXI and XXII”

  1. DramaKing says:

    Why am I getting the feeling that every known character is going to die horribly very soon?

  2. S34h0rs3pl4y says:

    Soooo… does this mean that Sidekick Girl is the vigilante… and secretly has been the whole time (maybe a split personality caused by dying over and over and over), so Sidekick Girl, despite wishing desperately to be a full hero, really has always been one (albeit one with no regard for the useless conventions of heroism in this universe, but still an interest in the preservation of life, as she showed when confronting Ricochet)? Or are the dark blue flames just a coincidence or a process of the restoration?

  3. Kaci says:

    You have entered the lair of the boss.

    A strange glow emits…

  4. Dark Rose says:

    Is this an evil version of Val?

  5. Frodyne says:

    Why does she have a bunch of names tattooed?
    Kyoko, George, Kathryn, Hazel, Jasper, Chris, Javi(er?), ??, Val?, M?, Em?
    Names of (dead?) friends.

    • Mike says:

      And Isauro on the other side with the big Day of the Dead style skull.

      I’m guessing friends she’s outlived.

      • Syncline says:

        I’m assuming this is the ‘super-pissed off, I take no prisoners’ Val.

        And now the million-bitcoin question:

        This is current, apparently powered up Val… so why did they need old Val?

        The buck-fifty question:

        Why was her name on the memorial?

        And the two cents question:

        How do you get a tattoo to stick in someone who regenerates everything, has no (or nearly no) scars and whose body surely treats minor internal foreign bodies like ink or soot as a casual threat that it eliminates daily?

        • EmuOfAges says:

          I suppose for the tattoo, you’d somehow have to get her body/powers to recognize it as a part of her. Perhaps the ink was specially made by or for her?

          Also, first thought in my head: if Val is the Dark, is Illumina the Light?
          Second thought: oh wait, this is the fuuuuture. Keep up, brain!

          • TheGeek says:

            Creepy thought of the week. The base of the tattoo ink is Val’s own blood.

          • Syncline says:

            It’s a creepy thought, but it could be made to work. I had no idea that those armbands were tattoos and saw no reference to them being tattoos- It’s still a tough question to answer.
            Something made from her own tissue would work I suppose.
            One way I thought of doing it is similar to the old soot and thread method sailors and convicts used long ago.
            Take a needle and a piece of her hair and draw it under her skin as thread. The antibodies, melanin proteins and DNA would match and likely would remain.

        • Zodo says:

          It’s been established that Tattoos stick for her. those armbands are tattoos, not accessories. I was guessing those are names of friends she’s lost as well, and the passing of time has made hard-hearted and cynical.

          I do wonder as well why her name was on the memorial… well, her hero name was. Perhaps someone else took up the mantle of Sidekick Girl at some point.

        • David Johnston says:

          They probably needed old Val to convince powered-up Val to actually help.

        • Shatterclaw says:

          high power lazers that are fired around the tattoo needel mirco seconds before the ink is then injected under the skin. My guess is that it would had to be deeper in the skin. The Ink would have to be some thing special as well other wise it would have faded.

          I always assumed that the black armbands where tattoos as well. The quastion is how did she get those?

    • sidekickgirl says:

      The armbands are indeed tattoos, and she has had them since before her first day at hero college. You can see them in the flashback scenes. though the major clue is that even if she DID have articles of clothing that she wore every day, regardless of whatever else she was wearing, she wouldn’t have them in the shower, in bed, while naked on the Coroner’s table, or in the D&D world, etc.

  6. SomeGuy says:


  7. ParanoidSpy says:


    Did NOT see that one coming.


  8. Laura says:

    The double comic post came about because I wanted this reveal so bad and didn’t want to wait.

  9. Alexander The So So says:

    So, the dollmaker is trying to use the power of the dark in his creations. The power to not die. Zombies that regenerate and can’t die…

  10. Gwendolyn Horton says:

    I went back and checked in the Rogue storyline. The Vigilante is definitely male in the present. Probably power-transference of some kind.

  11. Ezekiel says:

    Yep. I was totally thinking that the Dark was her (and Illumina was the Light), as soon as they said that the Dark was a superhero as well… Though I did get thrown off by her name being on the stone.

    Still, I really liked this reveal, and especially how pissed off older her seems to be.

  12. Super Poopy Diaper Girl says:

    So Sidekick girl’s powers make her the Eternal Man.

    There is an old 1964 “Outer Limits” called “Demon with the Glass Hand.”
    Is this what our Sidekick Girl has to look forward too.

    This Outer Limits show and Soldier, were writen by Harlan Elison. That was why “The Terminator” was dedicated to him.

    Both are on YouTube. Both are excellent but Deamon with Robert Culp, especially so.

    I wish I had a little of Val’s power. Thursday they are going to C-section me and this time next week, I’ll be Super Duper Poopy Diaper Girl with a hole in her belly.

  13. rickkes says:


    reapply as needed . . .

  14. Shen says:

    Huh. I didn’t notice her name on the memorial. Had to go back and look.

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