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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

The seemingly innocuous detail of November's strangely colored eyes is in fact A MAJOR PLOT POINT. That's right. He's a Targaryan

Putting your headquarters in a memorial is a LOT harder if it’s, say, a statue.  Like the spirit. Hard to put a headquarters in there without some heavy renovation.  Or the fist.

11 responses to “Another World VIII”

  1. Dark Rose says:

    Hopefully we will learn all about this Dark and the villains misusing it!

  2. And I’m guessing “the Dark” is either the Vigilante, a descendant of the Vigilante, or a character we’ve never seen. Then again, despite the Vigilante being shown in silhouette, we’ve never actually seen his powers…

    • Jerden says:

      Actually, we have. .
      He fights poising, he’s like, got telekinesis and force fields and immunity to stabbing and a glowing blue aura. But yeah, he’d suit “the Dark”, but who’s the light?
      Oh heck no, not Illumina? But… that would actually make some weird degree of sense!
      The whole balance – one lawful, the other illegal, both heroes, very different… I can’t be right…

      • A couple of comics back, I theorized Illumina. That’s kind of a trope of time travel stories in the Super Hero genre; a hero from the “present” gains unimagionable power and control over said power. in the future. And this comic is all about those kind of tropes; it both conforms and subverts them in so many ways.

  3. Anistuffs says:

    & now I’ve caught up with the present. Now begins the arduous task of being a regular reader, the waiting between strips 🙁

  4. Laura says:

    Hey folks, head over to the forum to give me an art challenge for the month. Got an awesome Idea for a picture you’d like to see? Maybe my lazy ass will draw it! Check the thread “Laura’s Art Challenge of Great Justice”.

  5. Xero says:

    how has she not figured out the light is lumia and the dark is darkblade

  6. Robert Baratheon says:

    A Targaryan?!?! Those VIPERS…I thought I ordered them killed! How is this possible? NOOOO!!!!

  7. Shen says:

    I have the horrible feeling that the Light and the Dark are Mack and Val. Val definitely balances Val…it also explains kidnapping Val.

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