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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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12 responses to “Gravity XXI”

  1. Sidekickgirl says:

    Yikes, sorry, guys. I thought I posted this and then I came back to check comments and realized that I hadn’t pushed the final button. Way to go, self.

  2. Tilly the Hun says:

    it’s cool

  3. Jordan says:


    Or whatever. I really just want to find out who the hell this guy is (It’s Declan isn’t it?).

  4. The Wyrm Ouroboros says:

    I think ol’ Mon de Un Orb is about to get his ass kicked, because for once, Illumina seems well and truly angry – and, I think, pushing herself to be able to do something besides be the ‘stripper floss girl’ he obviously sees her as.

  5. The passing critic says:

    This is why every supervilains backup plan should include a gun XD

  6. CheshireMadcat says:

    One thing I learned from the older action movies I grew up on, just because the heroine has been useless up till now, it doesn’t mean that she can’t suddenly kick your butt.

  7. Kerlyssa says:

    She seems wider all of a sudden. Is she hulking out? CANDY CRUSH!

  8. Noclevername says:

    “Dark Illumina” was also portrayed with such musculature, so it may simply be artistic license and foreshortening.

  9. Black Rose says:

    If his mask was a soild form,he would look like Cobra Commander….!

  10. Pastangum says:

    There’s been a quiet thread all through the comic, as far as I’ve seen, of Illumina’s growth as a hero. She started by naming Val ‘Sidekick Girl’ and *ugh* offering a strappy stripper-floss outfit. But Val showed her that ‘flashy lights’ and ‘hovering’ can actually be effective, and some time later Mack actually punched out a nemesis (whom she’d been aching to beat down, and did research to get it right, but still…)! And now she appears to be calling on some sort of heroic resolve to stand against Gravity’s power. She’s as much as said it’s not merely hovering.

    I want to think this is an aspect of how her teamwork with Sidekick Girl has been helping her improve. So if I’m being a total clouds-in-the-head goofball… well, if I’m to be corrected, I really want it to be for a solid plot-like reason. I honestly do not expect a ‘hot girl beats down the bad guy’ resolution, it would seem too abrupt of a change for Mack; but I feel like Mac is reaching deep within herself to find SOME way to resist this not-villain-not-hero opponent.

    Pastangum J. Felinix

  11. Divya says:

    Is it Illuminas brother??? Is he not dead?

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