Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Trying really hard to get everything back on track.  Thanks for your patience.

This will not have any repercussions AT ALL.

aaaaand we’re back!

22 responses to “Anniversary VI”

  1. Billy Bob says:

    And let the betting pool begin. I’ve got cat powers, anyone want to guess snake?

  2. Thursday Violist says:

    My guess is that she can spit out an unlimited number of stray cats and random snakes.

  3. James says:

    Guys remember what her code-name is; Esper.

  4. David Johnston says:

    She’s Mexican. Jaguar Warrior superpowers?

  5. Black Rose says:

    Esperanza with cat eyes unless she’s really an alien mutant?

  6. John says:

    That’s her entire superpower right there. She can change her pupils. That’s it.

    But she’s stacked, so she gets to be a full villain instead of a minion.

  7. The passing Critic says:

    Considering how many strings she seems to be able to casually pull and Isauro’s perilous situation in life my respect for Isauro just went up tenfold which is pretty impressive since I respect him a lot to begin with =).

  8. cyberwolf77 says:

    She can astral project and possess

  9. SolCannibal says:

    Yes lady Esper, some people will totally fuck the consequences not to fuck with YOU… Pleasant, eh?

  10. BigSwede74 says:

    Lizzard person is my bet.

  11. DrummerWench says:

    On the Cast page, we read … this: Esperanza Macedo AKA Lady Dragon. !!?!

    Whatever that means!

  12. Aeshdan says:

    Now that’s stupid, Esper. If you jump him now, he can kill you and legitimately claim self-defense. He’ll still get executed, of course, but you’ll be dead too. In terms of making an example of him, it would be so much better to just cut him lose and let the law kill him for you. This way, you *both* die.

  13. The Almighty 404 says:

    Maybe she’s a succubus ?

  14. Mischa Avros says:

    Well, if she’s called Dragon Lady, maybe she can turn into a dragon.

    Or at least breathe fire.

    Or breathe stray cats and snakes.

    Or knowing her, she always breathes cute kittens and fire at the same time. Not because she needs to, but because she’s just that evil.

  15. LeapYean says:

    Behold the green eyed monster.

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