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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Would You Like To Support Sidekick Girl?

If you would, that’s super awesome!  Donations pay for things like hosting, convention expenses and new merch.  We’d love to get back into doing shows, but that can’t happen unless we can pay for it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the regular donation swag is on hold until after the anniversary shenanigans are complete.  Everyone who has already donated up until this point is still getting their swag.

For every $100 we get in donations we will do a bonus comic that will post Friday or Saturday of the following week.  The totals will roll over (so if we get $200 one week it means 2 weeks of bonus comics.)  This is IN ADDITION to the regular donation swag that individual donors will receive.


$36 / $100

 I can’t donate right now.  I’m poor, too…  That’s cool.  Seriously.  We still love you.

I don’t have a credit card/paypal.  Can I still donate?  Yes!  Send a check or money order to Erika Wagner, PO Box 184, St Clair Shores, MI 48080.  Send us an email so we know to check the box.

I don’t have money, but I would like to send you a present.  Is that okay?  Yes.  We love presents.

If I donate, do I get swag?  Heck Yeah!  Swag is awesome.  Here’s what you can get:


We’ll email you a wallpaper.  A SURPRISE wallpaper.  Specify the resolution you use on your monitor.


You a wallpaper, AND a quick sketch!  Quick sketches have one SG character, in pencil, and comes signed by Laura.  Include your wallpaper info, your mailing address, and what character you would like.


You a wallpaper, AND a full color print!  Choose up to three SG characters.  Your picture will have more detail than a quick sketch, be fully colored and signed by Laura and Erika.  Include your wallpaper info, your mailing address, and what character(s) you would like.  You can also include a teeny detail or two that you would like to be in the picture, such as which costume Illumina is wearing, does Val have Mr Bat II or Mr Ferret with her, or where the characters are.


You’re basically the best fan ever!  You get a wallpaper, AND a full color print of YOU (or someone else) as a character in the SG universe!  Your picture will have the same detail as the print, be fully colored, and signed by Laura and Erika.  You can be a hero, villain, sidekick, henchman, or civillian.  You can choose up to two SG characters to be in the picture with you, either teaming up, or doing mighty battle!  Include your wallpaper info, and send us an email ( with a picture of yourself (or the person you’re doing this for) and your ideas.  We’ll work with you to make sure that you get a picture that is totally worth your money.  You will ALSO get random surprise swag in the package with your picture.  Even we won’t know what it is until we put it in there!

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