Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

Pink light: no one is surprised.


8 responses to “Luminosity II”

  1. Brian says:

    Now she can open a tanning salon.

  2. steve says:

    wait i thought he was blind… how’d he know that?

  3. Kaci Phillips says:

    It’s so cool even a blind man can see it

  4. Ragingagnostic says:

    Oh look, it’s Rainbow Sparkle!

  5. Gilly says:

    Not bend light to be invisible…noooooo let’s just make my old boring power match my costume.

    • Katy says:

      You’re looking at the the wrong way. She will be “wearing” a literal glowing pink costume. It’ll distract the antagonists and Val can swoop in and do her thing.

  6. Alterna says:

    well that’s awesome 🙂

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