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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex


What a month it was!  Laura and I both set personal bests for words written and words written in a single day.  Our region had a banner year for winners, and a grand time at all the events put on by our awesome team.  And we’re FULL of ideas for the new year!  Thanks to those of you who sent us good wishes, and congrats to all the winners among you!  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, is the place to start.  😉

Who says tomboys can't have cute panties?

Surprise! but, you know, if it had been a package (or a missionary) it is totally NOT WEIRD to answer the door in your undies.

10 responses to “Family I”

  1. The Auld Grump says:

    Hmmm, somebody has an inherited taste for pinks….

  2. The Occupant says:

    From her dad, of course. (He’s got nice panties too. 😉 )

  3. Fridge Logic says:

    Yeah, so, uh, no. Don’t answer doors in undies. And she was all good at school and Stuff too. Sheesh.

  4. Kaci says:

    I gotta say it, despite the consequences or head smacks…

    Dat ass.

  5. Jerden says:

    Actually, answering the door in your underwear is a good idea. It will kill all possible conversation with unwanted callers as they will feel awkward and want to leave as soon as possible. I had this idea this morning.

  6. Halo says:

    How is she not foaming at the mouth from all the toothpaste?! Is this some previously unknown superpower? I want that superpower!

  7. DracoExMachina says:

    I was a missionary. I’ve seen worse.

  8. h0 says:

    How’s that nobody in years got what scene was here Ripleying?

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