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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

It'd be really awkward if a semi tried to drive over that ice slick right now...

Thatsa lotta ice

17 responses to “Interim XXIX”

  1. CaptRory says:

    Hrm~ It looks like she evaded the ice and is ready to go on the attack again. He looks like he’s ready to go to the hospital now. XD

  2. CheshireMadcat says:

    Crack the back right, crack the back left, OK lets kick some butt!

  3. Black Rose says:

    I wonder what Val’s gonna do to him next?

  4. Tgs says:

    Am confused at last three panels. Are all three Val, with the last one her leaping? Or is the last one the icy dude leaping?

  5. Almoria says:

    Val is the one running in the last panel. Val was forced to wear a little skirty thing with fur trim along the waist while Shiver is wearing a fur trimmed jacket with the fur bordering the open front jacket line and bottom hem line

  6. skythorn says:

    Panel 4 needs a bit of skirt showing at the back with trim IMBO – between the legs, that way it transitions a bit better … but what would I know, I am just a dude watching this drip feed out one panel at a time slow like.

    • groundthistle says:

      Forgive me if I misread the tone skythorn, but part of this comment reads to me in a very condescending tone, and it is just another in a long line of comments that make some kind of feedback and mildly polite, but negative commentary. Being the person to pick out every article of minutia doesn’t make you the sharpest crayon in the tool shed, it makes you the person who can’t let little stuff go for fear of missing a chance to self-validate.

      “I am just a dude watching this drip feed out one panel at a time slow like.” I have no concept of how this part was not meant to be insulting – what was the goal here? What exactly is it that you felt was important to impart?

  7. skythorn says:

    Hey, sorry, I apologise. I was just relaying my confusion at the last page, and I was going to say that looking at the first panel, I see the line of the skirt better now and can now get the transition into the last panel. Yes my tone was not clear and could have been more supportive, and to be honest I should leave this to the creator of the webcomic and not to give comments like this. It must be irritating to have people nit-pic and that is what I was doing. Very sorry. I typed this early in the morning when I was still getting into the swing of things and did not think very well about what I wrote. My comment is well worth deleting and I would encourage the moderator to do so.

    With “I am just a dude watching this drip feed out one panel at a time slow like” was a very poorly worded way of saying that I check back at this comic regularly and have been doing so for a while because I find the characters and the situations engaging and interesting. I want to see how this resolves. I anticipate how this is to be resolved. If Val is leaping over the ice (which is now how I see this happening) that line is meant to mean that I am a little frustrated to be still left on the edge of the resolution of the conflict. That’s a sign of a good webcomic.

    Again, my apologies.

  8. groundthistle says:

    No sweat – I was worried I was reading your comment harsher than you meant it, and I can completely understand – I’m just as guilty of the “text has no tone” blindspot too. I’m sorry for being as terse and direct about it, but I respect you very much for the quick response and hope you’ll forgive the misunderstanding on my part too.

  9. Skean says:

    Skythorn, groundthistle: Awesome job. You broke the rule of “don’t read the comments” 😉 Seriously, that was a really positive and affirming discussion. Nice to see the kind of readers the comic attracts!

  10. locallunatic says:

    Just a minor coloring thing but in panel 3 the forearm and hand of val holding the bat are flesh colored, but everywhere else she is wearing elbow length blue gloves.

  11. skythorn says:


  12. Alex Boston says:

    So if she breaks his hands or wrists or both would that mess up his ability to aim his ice powers? Or is she just going to go for a KO?

  13. Pastangum says:

    Skythorn, Groundthistle, let me also give you my kudos for mutually defusing what _could have_ blown up. I’m grateful that you talked it out, and for that, let me link a Skin Horse comic:

    (The character here has not yet realized his reality is completely simulated; yes, he’s a brain in a jar. Fun times ensue, both for him and for Black Ops Social Services.)

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