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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

You gotta wonder how many conflicts would not have happened in the old west if they'd just built towns big enough for two people.

Comic!  I fell asleep in my chair like four times trying to finish this, even though I only had five minutes of work left.  Because that’s what life is like at 11pm as a baker.  😛

9 responses to “Windows XII”

  1. Foradain says:

    Nice touch with the pronouns in panel two!

  2. Avidan says:

    Wait who’s a baker?

  3. Khlovia says:

    I’m visualizing the Vals running snarling at one another, bats raised–

  4. Thom Thom says:

    We all love your side project, bringing a universe to life, kneading the plot, raising the drama, mixing in the nuts and raisins … etc.,

  5. Khlovia says:

    And then with a mighty mutual WHACKK both bats splinter simultaneously, and the fight becomes a wrestling match, and the Vals snatch each other bald-headed, and apparently our Val is wearing a black suit for some reason, and one is left in a coma, and nobody can tell who the survivor is! 😀

    • Ragingagnostic says:

      You’ve just stated exactly why Val shouldn’t engage with her dimensional doppelganger. I only hope one of her friends is intelligent enough to point out this problem to her. By the way, is one of those criminals a telekinetic? Where’s the anorexic blond girl?

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