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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

Earl Grey. Hot.

What would you prefer:  Alien invasion, zombies, or machine uprising?  discuss.

23 responses to “Another World VII”

  1. Dark Rose says:

    I love the look on Val’s face in the fourth panel! She’s really geeking out!

  2. NoRAd says:

    Obviously all of them. This is a superhero comic.

    • Syncline says:

      I am onboard with the Alien zombie machine uprising.
      If we can’t play City of Heroes, at least we can watch it.

      I am also still voting for my theory that Isauro was the mystery artist who made the awesome stained glass. Somehow, I can see him doing something like this for Mack after her Ascension.
      He does live in a church, after all…

      • Princess Puffy Pants says:

        You DO know that even now, with today’s tech, stained glass can be cut in curves. Srsly, just google stained glass waves. Why does there have to be a mystery artist? And why would it be Isauro? He’s never been shown as being an artist. So he lives in a church. I live in an apartment, it doesn’t mean I know how to produce popcorn ceilings or beige carpet. Besides, he’d have to live way into the future. doesn’t it make a lot more sense that someone picked the design and then hired stained glass people to create it?

        • Syncline says:

          Yes, I am aware of this… I actually cut glass. I can easily cut a zigzag line in a sheet and part it freehand. However, compound curves and tight wedges are SUCH a pain that typically you grind them with a wet cylinder diamond saw, and do them in small sections.
          But if I had glowie green fingers that cut anything, it would be a casual effort to crank those out.

          Also, stained glass lasts awhile. Glass is an amorphous solid and tends to sag and break, much like jello or a thick liquid. Stained glass resists these issues quite well because of the lead U canes.

          I think it’s obvious that Isauro is a spiritual and very deep person, despite the position he is in, and he could easily be our artist.

          Here, have a nice day, I have some spares.

  3. A hero who saved the city countless times, and grew so powerful that they ascended into light itself? As unlikely as that sounds, I think they are talking about Illumina. I mean, yeah, it seems unlikely, it IS kinda of the staple when you bring time travel into things; the least likely becomes the best. And honestly, who is less likely to gain THAT kind of control and power than Makenzie?

    • Mike says:

      But yeah on the other hand: Light.

      • I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Mackenzie’s powers are light based, and while she’s all that intelligent now, another staple of the super hero genre is upgrades to powers. (Sword being an example in this comic.) Especially by an outside force. Mack’s powers may be upgraded by an outside force, as well as her capacity for intelligence at some point in the timeline.

        Or maybe it may be a descendant of Mackanzie. Who knows? We’ll likely never find out one way or another, since the story is about Val and her life, rather than the epic superhero stories that we see in Marvel and DC.

    • Maxilu says:

      I’m agreeing that it’s probably Illumina. The markings on the alter look like her uniform, just less pink.

  4. norman728 says:

    WOW A HHGTG Joke was in there.

  5. Jedidusk says:

    Alien robots that cause zombie apocalypse, or aliens cause zombie plague which makes us trigger a machine uprising.

  6. aqua says:

    well we did invent a machine that turns water into tea with out needing the plant

  7. Black_Hatter says:

    Zombies. It’s just what I have the highest likelihood of surviving.

  8. Kelly says:

    Machine uprising, definitely. With aliens they would have technology way superior to ours – no contest. With zombies, either a terrible plague or supernatural source – goodbye populace. However, with a machine uprising, they are our creations, so I think we’d have the best chance of winning. Of course, we’d have to de-tech ourselves several decades (good-bye internet! (T_T) ) but we’d survive.

  9. xero says:

    I was about to say just tell her the stuff she won’t live to see….then i remembered she’s Quasi immortal

  10. antlan87 says:

    Bet she was going to say they have hotdog only replicators.

    • sidekickgirl says:

      I think we must already HAVE hot dog replicators. Some hot dogs have the sense of frown-in-a-tube “meat.”

  11. Vladimir Zhivanevskaya says:

    Silly Val, of course there’s FTL…didn’t you just time travel?

  12. Caliban says:

    The woman Val is talking to kind of has a combination of Val’s features and Mackenzie’s features – Val’s hair and eye coloring (but slightly lighter), and Mackenzie’s full lips and face.

    Kind of makes me wonder if she’s a descendant of both of them (i.e. their kids or grandkids got together or something).

  13. Anistuffs says:

    Aliens, definitely. I’m tired of us earthlings being alone in the universe.

  14. Computant says:

    Aliens whose tech has kept their meat bodies alive? Alien machine zombies?
    Can you imagine anything more horrific and gross than fighting a half-robot, half-corpse? The corpse half immoving and rotting? “Fluids,” dripping…

    • Computant says:

      Er, meant to suggest that the aliens had died, perhaps of a plague, and the machine parts of them kept moving and following very complex directives…

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