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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

I think most of us saw this coming by now, but Mack sure is surprised!

I almost didn’t make it.  SUCH a headache while I was trying to finish this.  But here it is, and now off to bed!

14 responses to “Gravity XXII”

  1. Jeudi Violist says:

    Oh! It’s Harvey Dent!
    He must’ve gained superpowers at some point, though.

  2. Noclevername says:

    What a shocking twist! 😀

  3. The passing critic says:

    For some wierd reason I read all of illuminas dialog with an away with the fairys tone in my head XD

  4. Black Rose says:

    I was right about Illumina’s so called deceased brother…!

  5. Halo says:

    Superhero comics (a 6 word summary): NO ONE IS EVER REALLY DEAD!


    Are Mack and Delcan twins? In Family VI Mack says the plane crash happened in THEIR last year of school.

  7. Tilly the Hun says:


  8. livvy says:

    Excellent. We all kinda saw it coming but still cool. More Illumina drama. Now we can refocus on who the vigilante is again. Clearly not declan so back to square one.

  9. Jordan says:

    OK, that looked like it hurt. A lot. I’m guessing invulnerability is not part of his power set.

  10. The Vicar says:

    So… what’s his motivation? Why is he attacking the Hero/Villain Organizations? He’s obviously not doing this on behalf of his sister or their parents, and he apparently doesn’t know Val so he can’t be trying to work on her behalf. And if he wanted to just Not Be A Hero he didn’t have to do any of this at all, he could just go and… I don’t know, earn money for some cosmetic surgery or something.
    Is it that, what with the scarring, the Organizations refused to let him be a hero, so he had a choice of doing nothing or being a villain?
    Did the villain side perhaps bring down his plane and cause the scarring deliberately in order to cause the scars (or otherwise prevent him from being a hero)?
    Did the Organizations refuse to let someone rescue his plane because they were a villain? Or force a hero to let a villain cause the plane crash because of their rules?
    I guess we’ll find out, sooner or later, but I’m betting he’s going to belittle Illumina for being a Hero, probably using “you always did whatever our parents wanted, which was stupid” as a stick to beat her with.

  11. Indiana Bones says:

    What? But if he has gravity powers, then who’s the Dark?

  12. Tilly the Hun says:

    I would just like to point out, in case my WHAAAA from a long time ago and my icon itself wasn’t obvious…

    I am slow on the uptake when it comes to story reveals in some cases. Comics and comic book movies are top of that list. I was very surprises, the reveal completely got to me.

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