Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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It's pretty hard when someone tells you you're not the protagonist of your own story.

she’s like an uber complicated transdimensional alarm clock!

13 responses to “Another World XXVI”

  1. Bartimaeus says:

    The terms ‘royally pissed’ would apply here, methinks.

  2. Zodo says:

    This explains the name on the monument. The Dark was never a sidekick, so ‘Sidekick Girl’ in this world was someone else.

  3. Syncline says:

    “…clearly… a sidekick.” Way to give yourself a pep talk, Dark Val.
    You’d think a little gratitude would be in order but this isn’t how they play around here, sarcasm appears to be the order of the day. “Good job.”

    Also love how every other Val out there in the multiverse is an “other you” and not a “we” or “us”.

    Got a massive ego there, bitch-ray Val.

  4. Spliced says:

    Val looks crushed, and it’s no wonder why.

    When you think about the first comics, her doing so much hard work and getting zero credit for it, and her flashback to college and being turned down strictly on looks… to go through so much that she’s gone through, the now-stress of being brought across space and time, and for it all to hit all over again she’s “just a sidekick”…

    It’s a good thing nothing can kill her, because I think this would do the trick.

  5. Dark Rose says:

    Right now Val looks dejected!

    • Syncline says:

      The comic is Val’s.

      She’s gonna get her chance to shine eventually. It wouldn’t be worth reading the comic if she was on top and winning all the time. SK is fun to read because she seems so ordinary… and because being grounded, being ‘real’, having common sense… that’s really a sort of superpower for Val.
      It’s a strength for her to be human being, not a weakness.

      We have seen it before during the body switching episode. Val thinks things through, and with fresh eyes she often sees things that other people missed- opportunities, uses of powers.

      In a lot of simple ways Val demonstrates the key skills of a combat team leader: she is unimpressed by who is the best at anything (just get it done), she’s focused and task oriented, she keeps a clear head in a tight spot, and she has the ability to function and get through distractions and even tremendous damage.

      Even if she wasn’t indestructible, she would be a treasure in a fight.

  6. It’s funny that I asked this very same question three days ago. Although I do feel for her in the last couple of panels. Although this is yet another motivator that she’s more than “just a sidekick.”

  7. Super Poopy Diaper Girl says:

    I don’t get the Dark Val.
    Aren’t the Heros always going on about how important the Sidekicks are and how the hero couldn’t do his or her job without them?

    Is Dark Val missing something or???
    Could our heros be insincere when they mention sidekicks.

  8. Dix says:

    Am I the only one who suspects that the light is illumina, and that it says sidekick girl on the memorial because that is who was in the cryo coffin?

  9. BrogueTheRogue says:

    Not sure why everyone is bummed about character deaths here. It’s been established that this is an alternate reality future.

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