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If anyone is interested in  hiring Laura or Erika for artwork, send us an email with the basics of what you are looking for.  Pricing, timeframes and availability depend on content and the general hecticness of our lives.  Be sure to include WHO you want doing your commission.  We will do joint work, (with Laura doing lineart and Erika coloring) but keep in mind that it might be pricey, since we both have to make a reasonable amount, and coordinate our availability.

Would You Like to be Our Minion?

Are you going to a convention?  Would you like to hench for us?  Let us know, and we will email you a page of fliers to print on obnoxiously bright paper to pass around.  Post a picture of yourself in an SG-related outfit partaking in your papery persuit, and we will send you swag!  Yes, you too can be overworked and underpaid, just like a real henchman!  We will, however, appreciate you, and we won’t ask you to break any laws, take the fall for OUR illegal behaviors, or otherwise terrorize you.

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