Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Ready, Set, GO!

See, it’s not that something like this CAN’T have some sort of accidental or non-villainous explanation. ┬áIt’s that it never DOES.



7 responses to “Gravity VII”

  1. Twitch says:

    A green rumble? That’s an interesting graphic.
    Earthquakes typically rumble yellow or red. I’ve also seen brown for earth golems. Blue for magic breaking loose…
    …I read too many comics don’t I.

    So what rumbles green?

  2. Pastangum says:

    O-kay! Good! We’re brainstorming on the run. Big muscular types…

  3. Kaian says:

    Green lanterns.
    Nature magics.

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