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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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8 responses to “The Boss VIII”

  1. Mujaki says:

    Well, there’s “everyday wear” durable, and then there’s “hero business” durable.
    I wonder if you can get a nice double-breasted suit in kevlar?

    • ukezi says:

      if you pay for it, sure. it will probably only be a lineing. As that stuf is about impossible to dye and you don’t get the linen/silk suit look you want. to the lineing is durable but the cover not so much.

    • CaptRory says:

      I know in Rifts Merctown there was a merchant that sold MDC formal wear. It was only one or two MDC but that’s equivalent to 100 or 200 SDC which would be normal damage. You’d need high explosives or an MD weapon to breach that.

      • Storel says:

        Sorry, what do MDC and SDC stand for?

        • maarvarq says:

          We may never know. Wikipedia has nothing useful to say about either.

          • Sidekickgirl says:

            First, just for those who don’t know, Rifts is a roleplaying game system. (I played it once, I didn’t like it one bit, I would give it one more try in the future, but that’s neither here nor there.) I don’t know what MDC and SDC are, either, but my GUESS is that it is ways of referring to different types of damage. Some systems calculate damage pretty simply, and some use different types of damage for different things, so that you can more easily differentiate between, say, getting ninja’d in the face vs having a bomb go off on top of you. In my experience, modern settings and futuristic settings tend to have the more complex damage settings. In Pathfinder (what I play) there’s only two types of damage. Regular damage and subdual (nonlethal). It can come from various sources, but the end effect is the same. But the modern settings get more complicated with firearms and explosives in addition to swords and magic, etc etc.

            So that’s my guess.

  2. Mischa Avros says:

    So now I want to know who are these Breecher and Sons, and what did they do to earn such a reputation of discretion that Val and Isauro feel comfortable discussing this in front of their employee.

  3. Storel says:

    So she’s getting a suit, too? Why?

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