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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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Seriously?  "Minions of Oppression?  That's what you're going with?

Get it?  Agency?  Agencies?  Eh?  Ehhhh?

11 responses to “Gravity XI”

  1. CptNerd says:

    So, he’s kind of like a free agent?

  2. Jordan says:

    Well he certainly has the dramatics down to be a hero/villain. That suggests to me that he was trained as a hero or villain and had cut ties with both groups while he made his plans. However, he must have not been a high flyer in either organization otherwise those two would recognize him.

  3. matt says:

    Maybe he’s just a melodramatic dick with a god complex?

  4. Mujaki says:

    Minor typo, panel two, word bubble two, line two:
    “of those whose agecy” should be “agency”.

  5. Russ Smith says:

    re: “melodramatic” “god complex”
    My personal theory of how heroes and villains minds work is that these two both play an important role. In order to become either a hero or a villain, one has to assume the one’s actions matter, and probably matter more than many other people’s. Maybe it’s, “With great power comes great responsibility.” or it’s, “Power such as this needs to be used. And I choose to use it for evil.” Either way, it’s in the same spectrum as a god complex.
    Likewise, who would don a costume of any sort in order to act in public without some sense of the melodramatic? Still, some get melodrama spot-on where others fall more into the silly.

  6. Black Rose says:

    I see a green eye,and this is just a theory,could he be related to Lumina somehow???

    Maybe her supposedly deceased brother?


    I really think it might be Delcan Jade (Mack’s brother) under the mask. Same skin tone and eye color, BUT you would think that Mack would recognize the powers (she’s not THAT dim, and she’s gotten a lot better).

    Unless of course, these are powers she never new he had, either holding back or new.

  8. livvy says:

    Ooh yeah. I think Black Rose is right, what with the eye color, the absence from the city (not knowing current hero buildings) and even the name of the current storyline.

  9. The Wyrm Ouroboros says:

    “Power such as this needs to be used. And I choose to use it for evil.” Meh. More ‘Power such as this needs to be used. As it is my power, I will use it in whatever way I choose to use it.’ Most people – I’d be willing to say virtually all people – never think of themselves as evil, even if/when society brands them as such. “This needs to be done” is a good one, usually accompanied by “… but you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do so.”

  10. FYI says:

    The first ‘agency’ is missing the ‘n’.

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