Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex



Valerie (Val) Upton AKA Sidekick Girl

Status: Professional Sidekick (Illumina)
Powers: Can’t die (limited invulnerability), accelerated healing (not accelerated enough)
Likes: Isauro, Guinness, Mr Ferret
Dislikes: Hero bureaucracy, The Vigilante, that her other-dimension-future-self is a jerk.
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Mackenzie (Mack) Jade AKA Illumina

Status: Professional Hero (Sidekick Girl)
Powers: Can float up to three feet off the ground, glowing.
Likes: Fashion, makeup, being Metro City’s Brightest Star
Dislikes: Bad Guys, parental expectations

Hazel Abernathy AKA Haze

Status: Professional Hero (Partner:  Impact)
Powers: Superspeed
Likes: Tabletop gaming, Reading, Good friends.
Dislikes: Bullies, slow motion

Jasper Belmont AKA Tornado Boy

Status: Professional Sidekick (Cyclone)
Powers: Superstrength
Likes: Sidekick Thursdays, punching things, crushing on friends.
Dislikes: The cruelty of genetics, presumed bad guys charming the friends he has crushes on.

Chris Leary AKA Puzzle

Status: Professional Sidekick (Maelstrom)
Powers: Confusion
Likes: Boys, NASCAR, being Fabulous
Dislikes: Desk jobs

Isauro Chavez AKA Coldfire

Status: Professional Henchman (active)
Powers: Green plasma blades
Likes: Val, Espresso, newspaper puzzles
Dislikes: His Job



Drake Deveroux AKA Maelstrom

Status: Professional Hero (Puzzle)
Powers: Blue energy beams
Likes: Being rich, long hair, his Youthful Ward
Dislikes: Working with others

Dakota Stone AKA Impact

Status: Professional Hero (Partner: Haze)
Powers: Superstrength
Likes: Weightlifting
Dislikes: Unnecessary BS

Marvin Compton AKA Cyclone

Status: Professional Hero (Tornado Boy)
Powers: Flight, Wind Manipuation
Likes: Silly costumes, Nice breezes
Dislikes: Walking places, Taking the bus

Dion MaNatta AKA Poison

Status: Rogue Hero (Incarcerated)
Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis
Likes: Martial Arts, Silence, Vengeance.
Dislikes: Speaking aloud, Prison

Kyoko MaNatta AKA Ricochet

Status: Deceased
Powers: Forcefields
Kyoko was half of the hero team Ninja Twins with her brother, Dion.  She met her end at the hands of the Coroner.  She will be missed.

Morgaine Washburn AKA Myst

Status: Professional Hero, Owner of Mojo’s Coffee
Powers: Elemental
Likes: Coffee, Baking, Lil Ro, her Baby Daddy
Dislikes: Starbucks, her Baby Daddy

Rowan Feldmen AKA Wolf

Status: Professional Hero
Powers: Animal Metamorph
Likes: Mechanics, chewing up villains, Lil Ro, playing fetch
Dislikes: Personal Responsibility

Agent Grey

Status: Hero Agency Caseworker
Powers: Unknown
Likes: Bureaucracy, Paperwork
Dislikes: Goatees

Jared Brown

Status: Detective with the Metro City Police (5th Precinct)
Powers: None
Likes: Being bald
Dislikes: Bald Crime

Dr Grandpa

Status: Scientist
Powers: Genius!
Likes: Bowties, his Splashguard
Dislikes: Whippersnappers

Sam Smith AKA Shield

Status: Professional Sidekick (Sword)
Powers: Absorbs energy to become stronger, smarter and faster
Likes: Taking a punch
Dislikes: His hero’s endless quips

Joh Riley

Status: Owner of Riley’s Pub
Powers: Master of Mixology
Likes: Bartending, his Husband
Dislikes: Boobs

Father Mark Hernandez

Status: Pastor at St Martin’s Catholic Church, Warrior Priest
Powers: Talking to spirits and lie detection
Likes: Salt, Crossbows, the Metro City Moose (MC’s Hockey Team)
Dislikes: Satan, Demonic Possession, Vampires and likely Werewolves too

Mr Ferret

Status: Weasel
Powers: Too cute for words
Likes: Val, Snacks, The Weasel War Dance
Dislikes: The Chia Pet

Aliya Washington AKA Break

Status: Professional Hero and Fifth Grader
Powers: Detecting Structural Weaknesses
Likes: Pancakes, Thwarting Make, My Little Ponies
Dislikes: Recess disruptions
light copy

Future Mackenzie Jade AKA The Light

Status: Professional Hero (Partner: The Darkl)
Powers: Floating, Light and Time Manipulation
Likes: The Future, being a patron saint
Dislikes: Villains disrupting the peaceful city she worked so hard to create.
dark copy

Future Valerie Upton AKA The Dark

Status: Professional Hero (Partner: The Light)
Powers: Shadow Manipulation
Likes: Tattoos, Cryo Naps
Dislikes: Villains killing her temple team and causing her to be woken up early to deal with them.
bravo copy

The Metro City Champions

Status: A professional hero team based out of an alternate reality Metro City
Pictured: Team Leader Bravo: Superstrength
Other Members: Echo: vocal blast, Foxtrot: Sharpshooter and teleportation, Romeo: Charm, November: Technopath, Mike/Mender: Healer, and Kilo: Transmutation
The Dark Temple division of the Champions was killed when the Dollmaker invaded the temple, leaving only the Light Temple Division to defeat him.



Agent Black

Status: Villain Agency Caseworker
Powers: Unknown
Likes: Goatees
Dislikes: Good guys

Dr Wright

Status: Professional Villain (Incarcerated)
Powers: None
Likes: Evil Science
Dislikes: The sinister left hand

Giant Robot 2.0

Status: Dismantled
Powers: Being a giant robot
Likes: Na
Dislikes: Na

Esperanza Macedo AKA Lady Dragon

Status: Professional Villain (active)
Powers: Unknown
Likes: Seducing potential victims
Dislikes: Good guys staying good

Clockwork Joe

Status: Professional Villain (Decapitated)
Powers: Anachronistic genius
Likes: Anything steampunk
Dislikes: His own head
adam copy

Dungeon Master Adam

Status: Professional Villain (Incarcerated)
Powers: A library of rulebooks IN HIS MIND
Likes: Pathfinder, Heroclix, BBQ
Dislikes: 4th Edition

Herr Hasslich

Status: Professional Villain (Active)
Powers: Being old and hateful
Likes: Not much
Dislikes: Beauty in all its forms

The Coroner

Status: Professional Villain (Deceased)
Powers: Absorbing powers through post-mortem surgery
Likes: Autopsies
Dislikes: Anesthesia

The Vigilante

Status: Vigilante (Active)
Powers: Shadows and Blue Light
Likes: Fighting Crime, Postit Notes
Dislikes: Following the Rules

Timmy Malkin AKA Make

Status: Professional Villain (Incarcerated) and Fifth Grader
Powers: Genius Inventor and Engineer
Likes: Really BIG toys
Dislikes: His nemesis, Break

Becka Moore AKA Sparkle

Status: Professional Villain (Active)
Powers: Sparkles
Likes: Jewelry, Cash, Handsome Henchmen
Dislikes: Being a Sidekick
dollmaker copy

The Dollmaker

Status: Professional Villain (Deceased)
Powers: Animating any non-living object that has moving parts
Likes: Callous Slaughter
Dislikes: Equally Callous Heros
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Suzi Sung:  Head of the Fishnet Ninjas

Status: Professional Villain (Incarcerated) and Ch 7 Anchor (still incarcerated)
Powers: Alliterative Agility
Likes: Fishnets, theft, being the first one on the scene
Dislikes: Earning your way to the top.

Chia Pet

Status: Closet Villain (shredded)
Powers: You spread the seeds and watch them grow!
Likes: Gym socks
Dislikes: The weasel war dance


adam copy

Adam Khol

Status: Dungeon Master
Powers: A library of rulebooks IN HIS MIND
Likes: Pathfinder, Heroclix, BBQ
Dislikes: 4th Edition

Amy Payne

Status: Crafter Extraordinaire
Powers: The one minute doodle
Likes: Anything that can produce a fangirl squeal
Dislikes: Not water water

Franny Howes

Status: Academic Master
Powers: A scorching case of lycanthropy
Likes: knitting, RPGs, Having finished her dissertation
Dislikes: Gluten

Jennie Breeden

Status: Creator of The Devil’s Panties
Powers: Has made her comic her job
Likes: Flame boots, kilt blowing, Obby
Dislikes: Con Plauge

Mary Wagner

Status: Erika’s Sister In Law
Powers: Graphic Design Mastery, making a really good salad.
Likes: Coffee, Tea, Pictures of Trees
Dislikes: Papyrus
Jason copy

Jason Wagner

Status: Webmaster
Powers: the keeper of the code
Likes: SimCity, Chocolate Pudding, Urban Design
Dislikes: Sloppy Architecture
 Erika Avatar 2

Erika Wagner

Status: Creator
Powers: Keeper of the Colors, Spine Telepathy
Likes: Pastry, Pathfinder, Red Wing Hockey, Her cat Pixel
Dislikes: Social Injustice
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Laura Cascos

Status: Creator
Powers: Wielder of pencils and inks, Withstander of hot Thai food
Likes: Novel writing, all manner of tea, her Trevor
Dislikes: Humidity
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