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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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She be glowin!

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16 responses to “Gravity XX”

  1. John says:

    The power to hover a few inches off the ground trumps gravity powers!

  2. Noclevername says:

    Parts of Mack were already unusually buoyant in the high gravity field. I thought it was an oversight, but now it seems to have been deliberate.

  3. Mujaki says:

    Yes, how IS she doing that? How is she crying THROUGH that eye-blank mask?

  4. The passing critic says:

    Golly gee its almost as if the ability to float was some sort of gravity based power.Just because shes absolutely useless 99% of the time doesnt mean that her powers are.

    Levitation and light manipulation would be devastating in the hands of someone with a bit of creativity,That said if superheros and villains were smart enough to realise the potential of their powers theyd be dang near unstoppable.Even gravityboy here has been riding along on a very simple trick so far,Itll be interesting to see if hes any smarter than Illumina =)

  5. Black Rose says:

    Maybe Mack feels a bond with our mysterious gravity controller???

  6. rypperdoc says:

    he long lost brother has returned.


    This is going to get interesting. Mack has a VERY unusual expression for her (I can’t decide if that’s supposed to be determined or if she’s staring at gravity dude searchingly).


    On a different note her hair seems to be magically changing length from panel to panel

  9. Tilly the Hun says:

    I feel like I’m seeing Super Hero Illumina here. Like, the super hero who tries to save the day, the super hero who watched one of her sidekicks and best friends die in the line of battle. The super hero who only became close to Val after realizing she couldn’t die. I think this person is the real person, the person aside from the bouncy hair and perfectly coordinating accessories.

    I hope she kicks his ass.

  10. Twitch says:

    This is bad. Planetary destruction bad. I forgot rule one of superhero fights, “Personality does not reflect power set.”

    Based on the panels, Illumina seems to be generating a field that is unaffected by Hoodie. She is either A) emitting/resonating an energy so fast/strong that Hoodie’s power has little effect or B) she’s in absolute control of her gravity and mass.

  11. guildsbounty says:


    Or, y’know…her “I can float a few inches off the ground” is a more absolute power than gravity manipulation. She’s already negating gravity to some extent in order to be able to float around…no reason to assume that adding more gravity is going to change her ability to ignore it.

    And yeah…to those who say that ‘floating and light generation is a useful power,’ we definitely know that to be true…just look at how effective Val was with it during the body-swap arc.

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