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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

No comic this week.  Erika’s dog has gone from getting diagnosed with giant tumor, to emergency surgery where we expected either lose her or have to put her down from cancer, to miraculously coming through and now maybe is going to be okay…in less than 48 hours.  I am physically and emotionally SPENT.

He's so fabulous!


58 responses to “Chris’s New Costume”

  1. Zengar says:

    (D) Or maybe (B). (A) looks like it would be pain to get so it didn’t look weird every time he had to be drawn in a different position.

  2. ParanoidSpy says:

    Oh, I like D. It is the perfect blend of feminine and masculine.

  3. Nentuaby says:

    D D D D!

  4. KingofKings says:

    Yeah, D for me too. It’s sleek, somewhat masculine, but still screams “catsuit” ala charlies angels or something.

    Just about perfect.

  5. Cherub says:

    I agree with ParanoidSpy and KingofKings D looks Perfect

  6. Ysabeau says:

    D, Definitely D

  7. The Occupant says:

    D here as well.
    I liked C except for the mask.

  8. Darkfyre99 says:

    D for me as well

  9. TheGeek says:

    Make the four for D.

  10. Tower015 says:

    D – Not only is this outfit stylish, but as a man with crotch access requirements, I see utility in the last concept that does not diminish style.

  11. NJM1564 says:

    Has to be D every other one screams “Kick me in the crotch!”.

  12. Adama says:

    D; A looked too much like a corset for my taste, B looked too masculine for Chris, and C looks more like clubwear than fighting gear… I also like D for the same reason as ParanoidSpy

  13. DamnCatOnMyDesk says:

    I’m gonna vote A. :p

  14. Lorialet says:

    I vote for outfit D. Tasteful and androgynous. Perfect!

  15. Lisa says:

    Chris would probably want C but I like D. 🙂

  16. Syncline says:

    Definitely D.

    Hot Pants? Spandex? Kirby Cutouts that flash an identifiable tattoo?
    Chris is an original- too smart a dresser to go with the gay stereotype, the superhero norm, or even an old-school classic style.

    Unisex and flamboyant with good taste IS his style

  17. shadowvyper says:

    I vote D

  18. Plaurel says:

    Either A or D

  19. sweet says:

    Got to vote D!!!

  20. Armethis says:

    D by all means D!!!

  21. rypperdoc says:

    All those buttons can be fun. Of course to add to it, there could be a row of buttons down the left so he can switch sides.

  22. Steven says:

    D cause its keeps the mystery, every other hes obviously a guy

  23. Questionable Panda says:


  24. Standard says:

    I don’t like the cutouts in C. B works except for the chest, which seems off a bit. I like A but it needs a little half-jacket or something.

    So D.

  25. Schlagsahne1337 says:


  26. Animeman says:

    Top of A with Bottom of C…I just think the laces suit hm

  27. Orlah Ehontas says:

    My preference is for D, but having worn a uniform with a boat-load of buttons (USN crackerjacks), my sympathy leans toward B. C get a Meh! and A just looks painful.

  28. Sean Duggan says:

    I’m with D.

  29. The Auld Grump says:

    Say it with me children, D!

  30. xero says:

    A looks 2 much like his old costume B reminds me of aqualad and d looks like a blue variant of vash the stampede

    c on the other hand plays into his androgyny and his power of confusion which is why i voted for it

  31. D says:

    I also vote for D. The name is just a coincidence.

  32. Kam I Am says:

    D. Slightly more commanding, and offers the most protection.

  33. Just Karen says:

    D, though A is interesting.

  34. Twilights_Bard says:


  35. Shadu says:

    definately D!

  36. Laura says:

    Welp. Think that answers that.

  37. Teldon says:

    I know it’s been said but D really does play into the character the most.

  38. Casa says:

    D is the best in my opinion. A isn’t bad either.

    B&C make it to obvious that he is a male and that just won’t do for our little confusing Chris!

  39. Bartimaeus says:

    D. Definiiiitely.

  40. Ragingagnostic says:

    I know this contest must be long done but I agree with the majority and pick D. A looks too much like sex club wear, B exposes the heart (not a good idea in a do-gooder costumer), C exposes the heart AND the liver, kidneys and lower intestines (Seriously? Why not just put him in a red shirt?). D is functional, sleek, practical and covers all the necessary areas.

  41. Jayden Crowe says:

    C reminds me of the riddler.

  42. Elliot says:

    Totally D

  43. Hinoron says:

    D has the advantage of preserving some of his androgynous mystery.

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