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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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Happy Valentine's Day!  Kiss someone consensually!

A different sort of suit montage.

13 responses to “The Boss X”

  1. Elliot S Schmidt says:

    Looks like he’s been recruited into the more humdrum, mundane sort of villainy that is more soul crushing and staining overall because there isn’t a great big moment a hero can stop to save the day because your boss is competent and knows what sort of crime you can get away with that evades the police but is beneath notice of the non-Val kind of hero

  2. Tilly the Hun says:

    this leaves me to wonder if more villains aren’t like “Coldfire”, where they don’t really enjoy the gig but eh, you take work where you can get it sometimes.

  3. Xero says:

    That bitch set him up in the actual mob wich voids his visa didnt she

  4. SolCannibal says:

    Growing the goatee into an actual beard it seems.

  5. Walter D. Davis says:

    There was an online comic where one of the villain’s minions was a former hero who contracted HIV from a bad blood transfusion. Someone asked him if he became a supervillain/minion out of bitterness, he replied “No. The villains have much better health insurance and medical care options than the heroes.”

    • Alex Boston says:

      Super Stupor was an awesome comic, as is Something Positive by the same writer/artist R.K. “Randy” Milholland.

      I wonder if a cross-over would be possible, but Super Stupor isn’t updated very often, and Randy just became a new father.

      • Sidekickgirl says:

        We always advertise on SP when we have a few bucks in the account. There’s always a few people that come over to give the archives a crawl when we do. It’s one of my favorite comics.

        I’d be quite happy to make an exception to our not wanting to do crossovers if it was with him. He doesn’t do them, either, though.

        MOST importantly, though, having a chat with Randy is one of the highlights of any trip I take to gencon (one of the only cons I go to that he’s at.) He’s really nice and great fun to talk to. Last year we talked about cheesecake and feminism, and I shared my granola cookies.

        He’ll also draw just about anything you ask for at a con as a quick sketch. So far, I have a Mack, a Val, and an Isauro.

    • Xero says:

      Super Stuper Randy “Somthing positive” molholand side project, hasnt updated in a while

      • Sidekickgirl says:

        Yes, I am aware. I was reading both comics when that crossover happened. It’s almost old enough to vote. But he still doesn’t do crossovers now, which you can see in his FAQ. “Q: I draw a webcomic. Would you like to do a crossover with my strip?
        A: No. Sorry. Except for the rare occurrence I don’t do crossovers anymore – and when that rare occurrence comes along, it’s with a comic that I’ve sought out…”

        • Greywolf1963 says:

          Randy’s comic is where I found Sidekick Girl, and got curious enough to follow the ad. I know he took some flack from some idiot fans of the comics with whom he did the crossovers. I wouldn’t doubt that is at least part of why he is not inclined to do crossovers, although Randy is not the sort to shy away from controversy.

  6. Moe Lane says:

    I think that I found this comic through SP, too.

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