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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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14 responses to “Interim XXI”

  1. Zodo says:

    I really like this one. This is the biggest vote of confidence I’ve seen from the Hero Agency, telling Val that she is valued, and needed.

    • Ragingagnostic says:

      Nonsense. He’s just massaging her ego. Unless this damage control detail comes with a pay increase or upgrade to superhero, it’s pure bollocks.

  2. Chris says:

    Agreed. I also like that he suggests that she contact her friends. It’s good to have backup, and eyewitnesses.

  3. Kaian says:

    Holy. . . I suddenly like this guy!

  4. The passing critic says:

    Its interesting that Greys taking the risky route given how he normally acts.Idve expected him to pass the buck elsewhere especially since this path will hurt the agency at a time when it could really do with some good PR to fix it image.

    Though I do wonder what Shivers reasons are for what hes been apparently doing,Very few people see themselves as the badguy afterall.That said Id find it hilarious if Greys info is actually from an incredibly biased account.Heaven knows if you gave me five minutes I could make illumina look like a disaster waiting to happen,Heck I could do it in one ^^.

  5. Midnight42 says:

    Agree with “The passing critic” entirely. It’s great to see the agency actually APPRECIATING Val for a change!

    I can’t wait to see Val hand this murdering &*#%^!! a good beatdown.

  6. Nightmask says:

    Okay now THIS is the kind of damage control I can get behind. Unlike the previous city’s super-hero management we get to see that they’re going to do the thing proper law-enforcement should do in such a situation, gather sufficient evidence to ensure the criminal can’t continue in his criminal ways at least not while falsely claiming to be a hero. This should be quite interesting to see how it plays out, hopefully he won’t get to escape justice by willingly transferring to another hero agency in the meantime (then again we know if you require permission for reassignment that they’ll never give it to him here knowing what they know about him).

  7. Sprainogre says:

    Nice. Damage control Val style and building a solid case to kick him out. I’m suddenly looking forward to this story line.

  8. Dark Matter says:

    The nasty part about dealing with supers is ‘firing’ them doesn’t normally take away their powers. This guy isn’t going to blame himself when this is ‘over’.

    • JasonAW3 says:

      I seriously doubt that they’ll just fire hi , but would, in fact, jail him for his infractions and incompetence. It would be ironic justice if he wound up in a prison along with many of those he’s injured in the past.

  9. Freak says:

    It probably would have been better if he’d let Val know about this beforehand.

    • Ed Rhodes says:

      Maybe he was hoping the information WAS “biased” since he didn’t have anything concrete to support it. Now, having seen this incident, he’s knows it’s time to get a paper trail going and stop this guy from doing any more damage or going anywhere else to start over again.

  10. Eric says:

    I can’t help but wonder how long this “paper trail” has to be before anything happens?

  11. Storel says:

    Ahh, good. This guy doesn’t want to cover it up like the last town’s branch of the Agency did. Excellent. As others have said, SG should tell him “This increased responsibility better come with an increase in pay!”

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