Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Trying really hard to get everything back on track.  Thanks for your patience.

The colors! The lights! Madness!

Know what’s awesome?  When you’re 3/4 done with the comic and photoshop freezes and eats it all, even though you saved it a few times in the middle and then you have to go to bed and start it all over again in the morning.  That’s awesome.  Time to get computer looked at.


But here is a comic for you!  How exciting!

17 responses to “Another World II”

  1. CptNerd says:

    Need to stock up on Super Dramamine, for motion sickness when traveling pan-dimensionally. Don’t leave timeline t0 without it…

  2. Taiko says:

    So, has Val been carrying Mister Bat 2 all this time? If not, where did she pull him from?

    And sadly, with certain applications, even if you click the Save button, it doesn’t actually implement it until you exit the program (think of it as a copy-paste situation – you’ve copied some text, which has “Saved” it to a buffer. However, until you paste it somewhere, the text isn’t actually put anywhere and can still be lost if the program/computer is shut down somehow). I can’t say for sure that Photoshop actually works that way, but from the situation it sounds like it.

    Interesting background too. Very appropriate for this kind of teleportation.

    • Taiko says:

      I just realized that the way that I put my analogy kind of has a few holes. When I said “shut down”, I meant in a way that it isn’t normally supposed to (a crash for example, rather than the program being shut down). Sorry if any confusion came up.

    • sidekickgirl says:

      He was in her hand. she often carries him on patrol, and her hands don’t show in the two comics preceding this one.

  3. Syncline says:

    We can only hope those are heroes rather than villains standing around.

  4. Dark Rose says:

    Did he take Val into the distant future?

  5. kaci says:

    please be Everyone-We’ve-Seen-So-Far’s children or else Every-Villain-We’ve-Seen-So-Far’s good equivalent

    • Abaddon says:

      Nah, its a bunch if neewbie Supers needing some practical training. And Val’s been “volunteered” to the post.
      Either that, or else she’s been brought where-ever-this-is to fight an evil version of herself?

  6. Vienna says:

    until now, the time traveling son theory is not of the hook ^^

    • Syncline says:

      Yeah, I see a resemblance too… kinda awkward to tell your squeeze when you get home that you have a kid in the future, whether its his on not….

  7. antlan87 says:

    Hmm, I’m going to go with ‘rebel’ hero group hoping to recruit her. By that I mean people who decided to be heroes without the agency’s approval.

  8. Syncline says:

    I keep expecting the Hero Agency to give Val crap for her lack of “costume”- they seem pretty retentive over there… I suppose a lot of people might take it as a sign that she isn’t totally with the program at the Agency.

    • David Johnston says:

      She’s a sidekick. Sidekicks are like arch enemies. They’re either the same as the hero,or as far opposite as they can be. Consider Robin and the Joker. Both dressed in bright colours, both unfunny comedians. Illumina is all pink decorative ineffectiveness so naturally Sidekick Girl is brown and utilitarian. Her other option would be to be Sparkle.

  9. Caelidra says:

    I’m gonna say future son, cause he kinda looks like her and mr. hotness.
    Also, have I told you that I love this comic so much, waiting for another update is physically painful to me.
    (P.S. I love you. In a non-creepy way.)

  10. mrtt says:

    I don’t think its any future relative, just a random case of superpowered teleport kidnapping

  11. MacDiver says:

    And that’s how Val met the Power Rangers.

  12. Hinoron says:

    Hmm… looks like a speed or teleport power, that is somewhat lacking in any convenient workarounds for normal respiration.

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