Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Sidekick Girl will return January 8, 2020.

Comfort is about giving people what they need.

We’ve been planning this arc for upwards of ten years. Maybe more. Heavy stuff, yo.

4 responses to “Revelation XIV”

  1. John says:

    Hey can you link the story arcs where he showed up as the vigilante? I haven’t read the comic from the beginning and I don’t know why this is such a deal breaker. It would help…


    • – John

      I’ll be honest I’ve read the entire series and I’m not sure how this was a deal breaker for Val. I mean yeah she was annoyed at the Vigilante since he was running around illegally doing what she went to school for and can’t do bc she’s following the rules, and really she’s not in a right state of mind due to being screwed by the Hero Agency and realizing she’ll permanently be a sidekick no matter what she does.

      …But she should be mad at the system, not Isauro. Yes he was keeping a serious secret from her, and you never want to keep things from a loved one, but she overreacted SUPER HARD imo. He revealed WHY he’s the vigilante, and he’s got a good point: He’s stuck in villainy. He can’t just quit or he’ll be sent back to Mexico where death is waiting for him. He hates it, and being the Vigilante lets him actually do something he wants to do: help people.

      Val is being super unreasonable, and should be taking her anger out on the shitty system that keeps oppressing her, not taking it out on her boyfriend who’s an even worse victim of the system than she is.

      • Chrysafiasco says:

        I have a feeling the dealbreaker is more him not letting her know about all the wrong decisions he had to make because of his villainy work. He said there was only so much he could get away with and I think that made Val get hit with a reality check, hard. He might have killed people or his actions lead to deaths because he couldn’t get away with not doing it. At the very least he’s probably caused some serious hurt and damage as a henchman.

        Him not telling her about the vigilante thing was just a whole other situation she now has to consider.

        So on the vigilante front, she should be mad at the system, she’s probably annoyed he held back the information but I doubt that’s the real reason she’s angry, it just got mixed in with her feelings about his hench job.

  2. Alex Boston says:

    Somehow I was able to predict what the movie was about despite hearing about it for the first time from this comic.

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