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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex


Thank you for choosing Metro City Community College’s Superhero Correspondence Program!  There are only a few steps to take before you start your journey as an aspiring superhero.  Let’s get started.



1)  If you don’t already have a handle on the forum, sign up now.

2)  Scroll down to fill out the official MCCC Application.  Class registration is included with the application for your convenience.

3)  That’s it!  As soon as you send your registration, you can start completing your assignments.  While we encourage you to start with your 100 level classes and work your way up, you can complete your assignments and classes in any order you wish.



To receive your diploma from MCCC you must complete the following courses:

Superhero Theory, plus one other 100 level class

Henching and Hero Support, plus one other 200 level class

Tropes, plus one other 300 level class

Heroing in the Community, plus one other 400 level class

Senior Seminar:  a 500 word (minimum) essay on the heroing-related topic of your choice.


Note:  If you are persuing a degree as a Villain or Henchman, you are required to take Basic Villainy as one of your 100 level courses.


Graduating with Honors

To graduate Magna Cum Laude, complete one additional elective per class level and increase the senior seminar paper to 750 words

To Graduate Suma Cum Laude, complete two additional electives per class level and increase the senior seminar paper to 1000 words.


What are the benefits to an MCCC education?

Upon the successful completion of your senior seminar, you will be added to our alumni page.  We will also contact you for the information necessary to send you the rest of your graduation materials, which include:


Your official diploma

Your metro city hero association identification card (Hero, Sidekick, Villain, or Henchman)

Magna cum Laude graduates will also receive a button (Hero, Sidekick, Villain, Henchman) and a sketch of themselves as their hero.

Suma cum Laude graduates will also receive TWO buttons (Hero and Sidekick, or Villain and Henchman) and a color print of themselves as their hero.





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