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How to Complete Your Assignments


There are threads in the forum for each class.  Students will post their assignments in these threads in the form of pictures or short paragraphs.  Pictures should be uploaded directly to the forum (through photobucket or similar,) not be links to external sites.  Short answer assignments can be as simple or complex as you like, but the more thought you put into your answers, the better they, and the resulting discussions, will be.



Credit will be assessed on a complete/incomplete basis.  If you complete the assignment with at least a modicum of effort, you get credit.  Grades will be awarded on a Who’s Line scale.  Students are encouraged to make their assignments as in depth and interesting as possible, and to contribute to discussions on each other’s work.


The Senior Seminar

After completing all of their coursework, students will email registration with the proposed thesis for their essay.  The topic is at the student’s discretion, and may be about anything pertaining to the comics, webcomics, or heroing industry.  We may make suggestions on refining the ideas, or on how to make the paper stand out from previous students’, but ultimately it is the choice of the student.


Academic Integrity

Heroes don’t cheat.  Cite your sources and respect copyrights.  Get permission when heroing on private property.  Above all, your studies should NEVER break the law or pose a threat to the health or safety of any citizen.  Also, all posted and linked material must be SFW, to comply with the forum’s TOS.

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