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This totally counts as a Christmas Page, yes?  Yes.

It took me a million tries to finally finish tonight, between cookies, my medicine, and my cat all making me want to curl up and sleep, but here it is!

9 responses to “Hazel and Jasper IV”

  1. Twitch says:

    Evil kitty. They always know when you’re stressed.

  2. Dark Rose says:

    Will they be able to eat all of THAT?!?!?

    • Couple comics back, they said that superheroes have extremely high metabolisms, and require a LOT more calories than regular people.

      • Mister Flames says:

        The troubles with the higher metabolism theory is a matter of volume and of time. Hazel’s rail-thin. Where is she going to put all of that? Also, you’d think Jasper would not have the gut he has unless that’s not fat so much as an enlarged GI tract. Or, more likely, he’s got the body of a weightlifter rather than a body builder.

        Which brings us to the second problem. Let us politely refer to it as “conversation of mass.” Our digestive tracts are not 100% efficient, after all, plus there are the kidneys working away as well. Higher metabolism also would mean a higher amount of residuals needing to be flushed out. So, when would they have the time to fight crime when they don’t dare get out of range of a bathroom?

        Yeah, I know, it’s a superhero comic, and one I enjoy as well… but you have to be careful when you add things in. *chuckle* Happy holy days!

        • Storel says:

          Well, perhaps supers have more efficient digestive tracts than normal humans, so a smaller percentage of their food becomes waste? That would be logical because it would help them gain more energy from a given amount of food; otherwise they might have to spend so much time eating (and eliminating) that they’d never have time to fight crime!

  3. Kaian says:

    Okay I see food has arrived. What are those two going to eat?

  4. jenjen says:

    I have a friend who is “thin as a rail” and eats more food than seems natural, and she’s not even a superspeed. She also doesnt live in a fictional world where superpowers are already an accepted thing, and time travel too. Sometimes a comic I
    s just a comic

  5. Ghostforge says:

    NO! This. Is. SPARTA!!!

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