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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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Yes, that does seem like an ineffective way to bind someone, doesn't it?  Kinda says something about how effective the bound person is, DOESN'T IT?

And thus ends the bluest arc ever.

13 responses to “She’s a Real Gem VI”


    How’d he tie her up so quickly?

    Seriously, most of that rope is useless. One set tieing her ankles, and another tieing her wrists BEHIND her back (in front allows her leverage to break free) would actually be better at holding her than that mess.

    Because of the rope, I’m disinclined to think the Vigilante went to Hero school. Either that or he was making a statement about Sparkle

    • Laszlo says:

      The hands in front are a zip tie if the sound effect in the fourth panel is any indication. And there is rope just above the elbows going behind the back to keep the arms from moving out to disturb the one around the chest.

    • xero says:

      Look close you can tell by the sound effect he used zip cuffs ( think zip ties but wider and harder to cut)

  2. Princess Puffy Pants says:

    I’m inclined to think it is the latter, because of the alt-text.

    Either that or he read 50 shades of grey and went ‘ohh!’ Zip ties, afterall, are a very dangerous way to bind someone.

  3. Q-dog says:

    @Hakkyo – Yeah, if he tried that on Empowered, she’d have silently laughed her #ss off, then waited until he turned his back and broken free. Even with her suit shredded and strength gone, she’d be able to do that, having studied escape arts with a ninja. I know, Emp’s a hero, but she’s from another universe, so misunderstandings would inevitably occur. Especially with the curse that’s on her.

  4. suranae says:

    I’m pretty sure the upper arm restraints would slow her down significantly as they bind the arms tightly to the body.

    The vigilante definitely has studied shibari

  5. Dark Rose says:

    Sparkle don’t look too thrilled!!! 😀

  6. livvy says:

    Seated in that position, legs tied together in heels? That would not be easy to stand from.

    • Viktor says:

      No heels around to try it with, but it’s not a hard position to stand from. It takes thighs and is a bit hard on the ankles, but took me no time at all to stand even tied like that. Not sure about getting arms free, but the ropes on her legs should just fall off once she stands. Only way she’s still there is if she didn’t even try to escape, which actually seems in-character given the circumstances.

  7. Skipper says:

    The bland amusement from the police is what makes the page for me.
    It’s just like “Huh…whatever.”

  8. BrickJAK BouncerPants says:

    Notice that we cannot see her other ankle.

    Kinbaku-bi is not always about symmetry. Her ankle may actually be hobbled by being tied to a lead running through both the elbow and collarbone/shoulder bindings.

    Thus making her unable to stand AND giving function to the seemingly functionless top set of bindings.



    I say again: HOW DID HE TIE HER UP SO FAST?

  10. BrickJAK BouncerPants says:

    It’s a superhero comic. He’s not limited to two hands. Amazing how fast one can truss someone up with multiple “hands” ( his shadow tendrils ) working at once.

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