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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!


We’re back! Laura’s new office is very nice.

10 responses to “Luminosity I”

  1. Jade says:

    He doesn’t even have to wear a welding mask! 😀
    … I’ll see myself out…

    Btw, I might cosplay as Sidekickgirl this summer.

  2. Banjello says:

    Light does not generate heat. But apparently Illumina is not (yet) able to project all her light in solely visible wavelengths and is also projecting some of it in infrared. She’s a living incandescent bulb.

    • Banjello says:

      Sigh, replying to my own comment because I thought of a better way to say it 15 minuets later – how sad.

      Light does not generate heat, but heat (infrared) is a non-visible form of light.

      • Zengar says:

        Not quite right Banjello. Light does not generate heat by itself, but when light interacts with matter (including air) it does heat it up. Lasers are a good example, while an infrared laser WOULD be “hotter”, primarily other wavelengths are used because it doesn’t make much of a difference when focused that much. “Heat” is actually the vibration of atoms and molecules and the correlation with infrared light is that those are the wavelengths that most common substances give of energy in, and conversely absorb energy from. Enough intensity and that doesn’t matter, however.

        • Zengar says:

          Urg. “give *off* energy energy in, and conversely *most easily* absorb energy from”

        • Banjello says:

          I was sort of staying away from the atomic vibration due to energy absorption definition of heat; because to me it raises even more questions. If she’s feeling hot due to reabsorbtion of some of the light she’s producing, then she’s not immune to the adverse side effects of her own powers. If she’s not immune to her own powers, why didn’t she damage her eyes or go blind from the light? If she’s immune to blinding herself with her own light, then why would she only be immune to one adverse side effect and not the other?

          • Zengar says:

            I was actually just thinking that she was heating up the air around her and she just exceed the rate at which the ventilation in that glass chamber she’s in could keep up.

  3. Banjello says:

    OK, I’ll buy into that. I’ll admit I was only thinking direct effects, not effects to the surrounding environment.

  4. Panjetarkan says:

    Actually, the higher the wavelength, the more energy the light contains – red light is hotter than infrared, blue light is hotter than red, and so forth. She is probably cranking out a high percentage of ultraviolet at that intensity, so the room gets hot very quickly (the glass is probably designed to block UV, so it is radiated back as heat).

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