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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

Ever notice that it's always when the suave bad guy starts losing is when he gets disheveled.

A very blue fight.

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15 responses to “Interim XXVI”

  1. The passing critic says:

    Sooooo stupid….Though Id love to know how heros and villains could be contained without plot devicey power nullifiers(Literally the only comic-Including mainstream ones as well- that Ive ever seen cover that point is Grrl power which did it in a rather interesting way ^^) I guess Ill have more to comment on when Shivboy gets some sense beat into him and the violence based fanservice is over.

    • livvy says:

      What is fanservice about the main character taking down someone in a superhero comic?

      • The Aussie Bloke says:

        It’s fanservice because it’s giving the fans what they want: Shiver getting the ever-loving shit beat out of him.

    • Anarchyant says:

      Yes he showed a lot of creativity on that. My favourite one was the portal maker Opal being put in the equivalent of a pressurised hyperbaric chamber and should she open even the smallest one, the difference would mean she potentially would suffer explosive decompression and suffer a quick but painful death.

    • King Prometheus says:

      In Heroes there’s another super with the ability to counteract many of the powers involved, but if I remember correctly it required physical touch. I suppose this is still sort of a Plot Devicy introduction though. You wouldn’t need one of all of the supers powers were a toned down and simple as our wonderful sidekicks is, but after all, that would be no fun.

      A sure fire way is always to use a hard object (say a baseball bat *wink wink*) and club the living hell out of the opposing super. Assuming they don’t have some kind of super regeneration like wolverine or can’t be knocked out like it seems most people in movies have the magical power to do so.

  2. Black Rose says:

    I hope there’s no one around filming this brawl on a camera phone…!

  3. norman728 says:

    because the catch all nullifier is unconsciousness. till they take them to A room wit them built in.

    or the Big Cuffs like what they used on Killer frost in ASSAULT ON ARKHAM. which has it’s downsides to giving a blunt object to a killer.

  4. Roguewing says:

    Batter up!
    That cold shot just gave her a real excuse to bring Mr B into the fray

  5. Gin says:

    Somehow I don’t think he expected that to hurt.

    Though he is sort of smart aiming specifically towards her right there; trying to take out her dominant… oh. Never mind, she was dodging. Looks more like he was aiming center of mass.

  6. David Johnston says:

    It looks like he didn’t bother to do any research on his temporary sidekick. Otherwise he would gone for ice immediately instead of trying to punch it out with someone with a lot more hand to hand training and experience.

  7. Nightmask says:

    She’s a sidekick as far as he’s concerned sidekicks are little more than window-dressing or an accessory to enhance his appearance no surprise he’d make no effort to learn anything about her beyond her measurements to have her fitted for a thematically appropriate costume. He’s probably similar to the arc-villain Damien from El Goonish Shive relies totally on his powers to win his fights so has little to no actual combat experience (remember his targets are almost always weak or powerless opponents who couldn’t effectively fight back against him).

  8. alurker says:

    Looks like he’s giving her…
    (puts on sunglasses)
    …the cold shoulder!

  9. livvy says:

    rereading this arc, I just realized . . . “I will not repeat myself.” Isn’t that something that future Dark Val said?

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