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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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What animal's hands would YOU want to have?


18 responses to “Interim XIII”

  1. The passing critic says:

    Part of me hopes this is a huge misunderstanding and the guys not actually a villain cause if he is a villain he would despirately need something nastier than claws that would loosely class as a disability as a weapon because every pawnshop owner Ive ever known wouldve emptied a shotgun into the face of someone threatening them with anything less than another gun.

    Also if this guys say a fullon shapeshifter then hes a huge idiot for using his powers in such a risky and unprofitable way -_-;

    • Spliced says:

      I haven’t known pawn shops around here to do that, but I do agree I hope it’s a mistake, that shows true colors when Val isn’t around to stop him but find out anyway later.

  2. Black Rose says:

    We now see that there are shape shifters in the universe of Sidekick Girl…!

    Will we learn his name?

  3. weremoogle says:

    That can’t be a very good use of his talonts.

  4. Noclevername says:

    He deserves eagle rights under the c law.

  5. Black Rose says:

    I like the name Ping Pawn-sounds more Chinese don’t it???

  6. corioilis says:

    How do you assume “shapeshifter” from the fact that he has animal claws? Wait until we see him actually shift! The change/mutation/experiment may be one-way and permanent. And yes, they would make regular life difficult…tragic, but understandable how that would lead to supervillany. Small-time, though, must be just starting out.

  7. corioilis says:

    Now, to join the pun-tification, I suspect dude is about to flip the bird to the person interrupting him. Not going to assume it’s a hero, could be a boss villain about to recruit him.

  8. Pastangum says:

    I’m still wondering where people are getting ‘shapeshifter’ from a pair of talon gloves and a bog-standard holdup. I’m wondering which ‘finger’ of the gloves he has two actual digits in. Probably the second-last talon; it looks a little bulkier. (Also, @weremoogle et al, I _love_ your bird-of-prey puns! I’m enraptored reading them!)

    I’ve heard that police generally discourage clerks ‘being a hero’ or actively fighting/chasing robbers, so I’d assume this store teller has heard the same. Kudos to both teller and unshown accoster for their politesse; no sense escalating beyond what this young man’s actions deserve.

  9. Kenshin Ryuu says:

    I have to wonder if he’s actually selling stuff to get some cash and the shop keeper is worried he’s about to get carved up for not paying top dollar or being able to purchase some stuff.

  10. Kaian says:

    This kid does not look particularly aggressive. Sure he has talons. But that is a tiny bag, he seems to be walking slowly from the shop as though depressed. And his face in the last panel looks more emotionally pained than angry or afraid.

  11. Alexander Leaking Pen Hollins says:

    looks like eagle claw!

  12. Badtux says:

    Regarding that whole emptying a shotgun into someone, there’s a lot of jurisdictions where you’ll be charged with murder if you do that to someone. Not everywhere is Florida.

    Still trying to figure out this scene. It could be interpreted as an armed robbery. Could be interpreted as someone redeeming a pawn that is particularly distressing to redeem. I don’t know. Guess we’ll find out.

  13. The Other Mike says:

    I am very glad there’s a box labelled “Silver” in this comic about a bird guy. Because now I can ask if it’s Starling Silver.

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