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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

Yeah, Erika was the one who got picked on for being too smart, and reading books and things.  But the super popular kids were top of the class.  No one ever said it made sense.

So you know what takes FOREVER? A comic with tons of words that you want to make sense.

22 responses to “HeroCon XI”

  1. Kraziekat says:

    Mack’s advice score 10/10

  2. Black Rose says:

    That’s alot to take in…!

  3. Ed Rhodes says:

    … and this was the “airhead” who was comic relief at the beginning of this strip.

    Way to go, Mack!

  4. Ed Rhodes says:

    And, apparently, Mack does not watch “Star Trek!”

  5. Kiatana says:

    Aww this made me tear up.

  6. Ed Rhodes says:

    Also, apparently, Mack does not watch “Star Trek!”

  7. SentaiSoldier says:

    This. This is what being a Hero is all about. Helping people when they need it most, whether it’s by battling bad guys or giving words of encouragement to those who need them. Well done, Illumina, your light shines ever brighter.

  8. Patrick Riley says:

    Nice talk there, Mack.
    Hit all the right points.

  9. Foradain says:

    10 out of 10 for character development!

  10. The passing Critic says:

    Mack might be as sharp as a bowling ball but shes gained my respect on this one =).

  11. Chris says:

    Mack’s got a different kind of smarts. She’s not book smart, but she’s good at understanding and communicating with people. She’s got an empathetic wisdom, and you can see it right here. She’d probably have been a very good counselor if she hadn’t gone into the hero biz.

  12. Kaian says:

    Please add one gold star to Mack’s hero card.
    She is worth it.

  13. SolCannibal says:

    Ilumina used sympathetic identification.

    It’s super effective.

  14. Storel says:

    Well done, Mack!

  15. Storel says:

    By the way, are all the regular commenters aware that you can vote for Sidekick Girl at I suspect not, because I’ve voted for SG eight times so far this month and it’s only got nine votes total… 8-(

    Here’s the voting link:

  16. Gilly says:

    What happened to Mac’s new costume? Sidekick Girl is in hers.

    • Storel says:

      She hasn’t been wearing the new costume all that long — maybe she figures more attendees at the HeroCon would remember (and be expecting) the old one?

      Although the con would be a great way to introduce a lot of folks at once to the new costume, so yeah, I dunno… Maybe the new one was in the laundry?

  17. Mattomatteo says:

    One of the best pages of this comic.
    You are the best. 😉

  18. Abaddon says:

    Good advice never goes wrong!

    As for the voting… is blocked at our work and don’t look at e-comics at home….too busy killing things in MMO^^. That’s why I don’t vote, but I promise to try to remember to do so.

  19. Mischa Avros says:

    Further evidence that Mac is maturing, as she is able to look back and recognize her mistakes.

    And actually, come to think of it, she’s never been one to blame others for her shortcomings. A point in her favor from the beginning, and probably a necessary step to be able to make the strides she has.

  20. Tomy Ironmane says:

    Is she smart? Who knows? Is she a good person? Definitely. Every little bit of her. And that means she tries to be better than she was yesterday. This moment was going to happen eventually. Somehow, with some person… And it makes me happy to see it.

    It kinda makes me wish I could internalize it. I still can’t get the voice of my father out of my head telling me “you’re not good enough” and “no one will ever love you as you are.”

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