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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

Detective Brown is so wise


18 responses to “HeroCon VIII”

  1. Black Rose says:

    Will there be other cameos by characters from previous comics?

    Nice to see young Mr.Harvey again….!

  2. Tilly the Hun says:


  3. NoRAd says:

    So I take it you’ve landed in better circumstances after the class action lawsuit against Shiver?

  4. Harleigh Unnie says:

    This is great! As always. I can’t wait to read the next update! Much Love!!! Mwah

  5. Harleigh Unnie says:


  6. Ed Rhodes says:

    I think if there’s a “bird-based” hero out there, he should look into sponsoring Mr. Harvey as a sidekick named “Talon!”

    • NoRAd says:

      Careful, his family name is Birdman, and he’s from a culture that does family name first.

      If you switch it to our naming convention, it’s Harvey Birdman… Maybe he should start saving for law school…

    • NoRAd says:

      Careful, his family name is Birdman, and he’s from a culture that does family name first.

      If you switch it to our naming convention, it’s Harvey Birdman… Maybe he should start saving for law school…

  7. Kaian says:


    Nice to see even someone once on the hmm. What is a good term for not the heroes? He did not seem much a villain as a desperate kid even then. Still good to see even a former foe appreciates Val.

  8. Chris says:

    Good to see Harvey again! He seems to be in good health, looks like he healed up well.

    Kaian’s right, he was just a desperate kid, a petty criminal at worst. I hope he’s doing better, turned his life around. Look forward to next week’s comic.

  9. Twitch says:

    That dude got very lucky that Val was there.
    Fun Fact: in several States it is a felony to threaten with a deadly force, verbally or physically. Six-inch talons would cause a bigger legal headache than a high dan black belt fighter…

    How’d the heck he get into the convention, or anywhere? I have leave half my purse either with the entry guards or in my car.

    • Kaian says:

      Since they are his hands and not a power than can be turned off I would assume they count as a disability as they restrict what he is able to do. There fore he has a waiver for them. It might also explain why he was stealing in his first appearance. unable to get work because he could not use the given equipment properly. Once caught he probably got a case worker that could help him.

  10. The passing Critic says:

    I really hope hes found a better career than threatening random shop owners with whats essentially fragile knife fingers-seriously doesnt anyone own a gun in this universe?

    Even in england him being caught by heros who didnt assault him would count as saving his life cause more than a few independantly owned stores have something much more dangerous than claws hidden away( Examples i know of in my area-A meat cleaver,Kukri knife and a cricketbat to name a few).

    Ah well on a lighter note if he can afford to visit conventions he mustve gotten his life together-either that or he got on heck of a payout from being frozen by the dumbest ice user ever and beaten to crap by Val(Who admittedly was saving him from suffocation but tell that to the press if someone recorded that at long range).

    I have to confess im kind of curious to see what the percentage of hero powers there is in universe compared to powers that are near useless/border on being a disability.Its something that doesnt come up in stories as much as youd expect.

  11. Black Rose says:

    If Shiver turns up again,maybe he’ll be employed by the government?!?

  12. This kid reminds me of the old “Sentinel Mutant Rating System” from Marvel Comics. There are seven levels based on how dangerous they are to humanity; Zeta, Epsilon, Delta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha and Omega. This kid would be classified as an Epsilon, since has no powers, and his “mutation” is detrimental to living an everyday human life. Val would be a Beta, since she can pass as human, can live a normal life, has beneficial powers, but with a drawback; she can’t turn off her healing factor. (This is iffy as to whether or not this is actually a drawback, but since Wolverine, who has very much the same power base, is classified as a Beta, Val would be too.) Mack, Hazel and Isauro would all be Alphas, since they meet all the criteria of a Beta, but lack the drawbacks. Future Mack and Future Val would be Omegas, since they meet all the criteria of Alphas, but have near god-like powers (Future Mack’s ability to pull Val across dimensions). We don’t know if the Vigilante is a beta or an Omega, since we don’t know if he can turn his powers off or not, but if he can, he’d definitely be an Omega.

    Marvel doesn’t use this rating system in their comics much anymore, but it’s an interesting classification system. At least in my book.

  13. Sean Duggan says:

    Nice touch, remembering to have the missing part of his ear from the frostbite as per

    I still am not entirely convinced that Harvey was robbing the place versus pawning his possessions to a pawn store owner who was freaked out over the hands.

  14. Tilly the Hun says:

    Reading the comments since I checked too early… Harvey Birdman, how did I miss that joke? XD

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