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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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23 responses to “Gravity XXVIII”

  1. Kaian says:

    And Mack again shows herself worthy of the hero mantle by being human and still caring about her brother.


    Delcan’s not the only one with shattered fantasies here. I’m sure Mack’s had more than one daydream over the years concerning his survival. And I’m also sure that in Mack’s daydreams they were partners and they were the best superhero team in town and her parents didn’t think she was a failure and everything was perfect. Delcan destroyed a lot more than buildings in this arc.

    God, I feel so bad for her right now. Even her hair is limp with grief. HER HAIR. Her level of volume is right out of the eighties.

  3. Maxilu says:

    The feels!

    • Ragingagnostic says:

      Good question. That was a very severe impact if it cracked the pavement. I don’t see any blood leaking anywhere but that means nothing. If the impact to his internal organs was strong enough, it could very well have stopped his heart, broken his bones and crushed his skull. Any and all of those injuries would be enough to kill him.

      • David Johnston says:

        They have a whole industry built around superfights. If they were as breakable as realistic human beings it wouldn’t work. And the strip isn’t going to have Mack kill her brother. That would be angsteroverkill. She’d quit the biz entirely.

  4. Black Rose says:

    Is he dead?

  5. Twitch says:

    Dear authors,

    Good story.

  6. Ed Rhodes says:

    Sorry for you about what CAUSED the delay, but THIS was totally worth the wait!

  7. CheshireMadcat says:

    Mack is a good person and it’s a bad (not picking on author, I can so see it happening) policy that made it so she couldn’t work with her brother because he wasn’t pretty. This would be a great reason to change said policy, one man, that would of been a Hero, but couldn’t because he wasn’t pretty enough, destroyed so much. The heroes should strike till this policy changes, Mack could be a rallying point for this bad rule to end. Just a thought.

  8. The passing critic says:

    Actually realistically theres a very real chance that Mack just accidentally killed her brother since as far as we know Declans just a normal guy physically barring gravity powers n all.I hope this is not the case cause as much as I snark Mack in general Id never want to see her hurt and I cant imagine a bigger emotional nuke than that tragic a family reunion.

    Though I am wondering if theres anyone in the heros guild who has the common sense to realise that Declan is likely just the tip of the iceberg here,If the offspring of the two biggest heros can go off the deepend cause hes so aware of how image obsessed they are when choosing whos a sidekick and whos a hero(Bear in mind Macks barely qualified to be a sidekick and got her post due to a mix of looks and nepotism) how many other people with powers are there out there who got blocked from becoming heros just because they werent ripped/pretty enough to be toyetic?Chances are theres a lot of supers out there with grudges who just saw that getting revenge or even just heroing unlicenced is a lot more doable than they believed before.

  9. David Johnston says:

    She can wear whatever she wants? What does this even refer to?


    Earlier in the arc Delcan called Mack’s costume “pink stripper floss”.

  11. Flargon says:

    Seeing as I’ve made a few other comments along my archive crawl, and it apparently being a thing here; just found this comic and archive crawl complete.

    • Laura says:


      Welcome! Congrats on getting through the archive but your trails have only begun. That trial being now having to wait a week between updates. Sorry.

  12. Waahh! what happened to the next button? 6 hour archive binge completed…

  13. Genericname5A says:

    Just finished the archives, which did not take very long reading non-stop. Looking forward to seeing where the stories go.

  14. Clockwish says:

    Every picture of Mac in this script is precisely perfect.

  15. Laura says:

    Also welcome to Opus and Generic!

  16. Lukkai says:

    Hm… There seems to be a problem with the site. The “Next” and “Last” buttons do not appear, even after several reloads and emptying the cache.

    What do you mean “caught up”? What’s that supposed to be?

  17. Ed Rhodes says:

    I know that feeling Lukkai. It’s depressing! Sometimes I go back and start re-reading just to have stuff to read. (This strip and PS238 are both I’ve done that with.)

  18. Lukkai says:

    Oh, I know. I occasionally do that as well with some of the webcomics I read. Even did this with El Goonish Shive. Twice. And that’s quite the archive to go through!

  19. Khlovia says:

    What I like best about this page is the contrast between panels 2 & 6 … and Intro/News I, panel 6. And what it says about the maturing relationship between Mack and Val.

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