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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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It begins.

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26 responses to “Gravity XXIV”

  1. Black Rose says:

    I see Illumina lifting up,could it be seeing her supposedly deceased brother have anything to do with it?

  2. Mujaki says:

    @ Black Rose
    Illumina has been able to fly for a while.
    Just not more than 3 feet off the ground.

  3. CptNerd says:

    Maybe a psychological block has been lifted?

  4. Zodo says:

    I don’t think that is’s so much flying, as she’s Defying Gravity.

  5. Roguewing says:

    Me, I’m seeing the look on her face.
    There’s a whoopin’ about to commence here

  6. Nightmask says:

    Heroic resolve activated, accessing latent potential, curb stomp battle to commence.

  7. Black Rose says:

    I’m wondering about the aftermath,will Illumina resign from the agency when they learn that her brother is both alive and a psychopath???

  8. The passing critic says:

    Annnnnd then the camera pans out and illuminas only exactly three feet off the ground XD.She gains points for having the secondary superpower of magically absorbing her own tears though ^^.

  9. Burnitall says:

    Wonder if her powers tie in to her emotions? Could be she can’t do much unless she’s mad and I’m not sure I’ve seen her really mad in this comic yet.


    This is going to be interesting. Last time we saw Illumina this angry she knocked Sparkle out with one punch. Granted Sparkle is honestly pretty incompetent when it comes to combat, and Delcan (Is he going by Gravity? Do we even know what he calls himself?) is likely to be someone who actually knows what he’s doing.

    BUT Illumina could possibly win a straight up fight here. She can ignore his gravity powers and that’s all we’ve ever seen him do (Granted it’s all he’s ever needed, but still), plus we don’t actually know how extensive Delcan’s injuries are in regards to mobility and fortitude (he might crumple with one well placed punch or he could have the pain tolerance of a rhino).

    One thing to say though: Congratulations Delcan. You have unleashed Scary Mack

  11. xero says:

    Vegeta what does the scanner say

  12. norman728 says:

    Illumina is starting to remind me of EMPOWERED who also when her Gumption is up can open up a big can of Whupass

  13. Ragingagnostic says:

    Her brother is not just a psychopath. He’s a whiny loser. I expected all this destruction to be about payback for something serious, like a supervillain hurting/killing someone he loved and a superhero(ine) mucking up the rescue. But, oh no, he’s ticked off because his face got ruined and none of the others want him to play their reindeer games any longer. All this destruction, all these buildings toppled and possibly civilians killed because you’re not a pretty boy any more? Suck it up, you baby! Illumina, rip off his ass and hand it to him on a platter. Give HIM a reason to cry.

    • Twitch says:

      Okay, whiny loser is the wrong term. Yes, Delcan is being a true blue villain ‘I want it all to burn.’
      But you’re underestimating the trauma that facial scarring causes. If you have a strong stomach, read about acid attack victims; support network can make the different between life and death.

      Delcan had no network; he only reason he’s not killed himself is probably his rage. If he’s fighting ‘evil,’ he has a purpose that pushes him through the depression. It’s easier to break stuff and people than rebuild your whole life when you’re alone.

  14. norman728 says:

    Illumina tragically will have more family issues if her parent find out what she is going to have to do.

    • Burnitall says:

      From the feel I got of her parents they’ll be way more upset about Him spoiling the family’s heroic image than anything Illumina might do to her brother.

      • norman728 says:

        that’ll be part of it, but considering. how dismissive they are of her, they will somehow blame her for his fall

  15. Dr. Mercurious says:

    The problem is that Big Brother has a VERY valid point. The Hero Agency is all about appearance and image, with being heroic as a side effect. Also: honestly, regardless if Mack wins or loses I HOPE she finally gives up on being a useless pile of crap. We, the fans, all know that there’s someone COMPETENT lurking under all that self-hatred and have been waiting for it to come out and STAY out. Sidekick Girl can still be competent without Mack being a friggin’ boat anchor 99.9% of the time!

  16. Twitch says:

    Dear Author Ladies,


  17. Shen says:

    Is Mackenzie…going towards The Light?

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