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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

You’ve probably noticed that updates have been a bit sporadic lately.  This is likely to continue for a while.  The combination of new work hours and our busy time of year means that while we’re still going to shoot for Wednesdays, it might wind up being Thursdays sometimes.  On the plus side, we’re going to try to avoid our yearly November break, because we’re crazy people, and we don’t want to pause this very important arc.  We might do a short break once it wraps up.We’ll keep you updated, and thanks for your patience.


Crazy angry eyes Val is my new favorite Val.

9 responses to “Gravity III”

  1. Black Rose says:

    What’s that rumbling noise???

  2. livvy says:

    Plot, I believe it is called.

  3. SolCannibal says:

    Who, gods bless you welcome tension-breaking distraction!!!
    Isauro is saved, by now.

  4. Nerd on call says:

    Is it just me or does she look like a VAMPIRE about to feed?

  5. Mujaki says:

    Let’s get rrrrready to RUMBLE!

  6. Hinoron says:

    Most memorable, and (if only in the top ten) among the most racist things Samuel L. Jackson has ever been paid to say. 😛

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