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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

You’ve probably noticed that updates have been a bit sporadic lately.  This is likely to continue for a while.  The combination of new work hours and our busy time of year means that while we’re still going to shoot for Wednesdays, it might wind up being Thursdays sometimes.  On the plus side, we’re going to try to avoid our yearly November break, because we’re crazy people, and we don’t want to pause this very important arc.  We might do a short break once it wraps up.We’ll keep you updated, and thanks for your patience.

3 responses to “Dungeon V”

  1. Smurfton says:

    Too bad Monk is bad at everything :/

  2. Shen says:

    Monks are awesome. I suppose it depends on the edition. This comic is from 09 and Haze has been playing ‘for years’, so probably 3e or 3.5…where monks are awesome.

  3. Sorain says:

    oh SNAP. Someone knows the hp and damage resist of stone walls off the top of her head. That’s a scary player to deal with.

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