Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex





Welcome to Metro City Community College, Metro City’s premier institution of higher learning.  We at MCCC boast the best Superhero and Hero Support programs in the Metro City area.  We are fully accredited by the American Superhero Society.  Our picturesque campus is located on the northern edge of Metro City, within easy reach of both the suburbs and the downtown area.  With our state of the art facilities and prestigious staff, MCCC has everything an aspiring hero could hope for.



Anybody can make up a superhero character.  That’s easy.  You get to invent everything about this person and if you want them to have a hero degree, they just do.  What MCCC offers is the chance for YOU, yes, the real YOU, to earn a hero degree.  Sure, you might need to retcon a few things, and maybe no one has ever seen your powers, but that’s okay!  With an education from MCCC, you will be able to proudly display your credentials to everyone you know and say “Yes, I am a certified hero.”

We are pleased to announce the Metro City Community College Superhero Correspondence Program!  Now anyone can earn their degree from MCCC from the comfort of their own home.  And with 100% financial aid for all students, a lifetime of serving the citizens of Metro City is within everyone’s reach!

Is the life of the hero not for you?  Are your skills more suited to the unique challenges of being a sidekick?  Or perhaps it’s the seedy underbelly of the heroing world that interests you.  At MCCC, you can use your electives to customize your education to earn a degree as a Hero, Sidekick, Villain or Henchman.  Be a paragon of virtue, or take all that justice you learn and corrupt it to suit your every need!


Classes are beginning now!  We offer a full curriculum of courses so you can customize your education to fit your needs.  If you’ve ever considered a career in the Hero industry, sign up today!  Registration is fast and easy, and you can get to learning right away!

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