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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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He's so fabulous!


58 responses to “Chris’s New Costume”

  1. Zengar says:

    (D) Or maybe (B). (A) looks like it would be pain to get so it didn’t look weird every time he had to be drawn in a different position.

  2. ParanoidSpy says:

    Oh, I like D. It is the perfect blend of feminine and masculine.

  3. Nentuaby says:

    D D D D!

  4. KingofKings says:

    Yeah, D for me too. It’s sleek, somewhat masculine, but still screams “catsuit” ala charlies angels or something.

    Just about perfect.

  5. Cherub says:

    I agree with ParanoidSpy and KingofKings D looks Perfect

  6. Ysabeau says:

    D, Definitely D

  7. The Occupant says:

    D here as well.
    I liked C except for the mask.

  8. Darkfyre99 says:

    D for me as well

  9. TheGeek says:

    Make the four for D.

  10. Tower015 says:

    D – Not only is this outfit stylish, but as a man with crotch access requirements, I see utility in the last concept that does not diminish style.

  11. NJM1564 says:

    Has to be D every other one screams “Kick me in the crotch!”.

  12. Adama says:

    D; A looked too much like a corset for my taste, B looked too masculine for Chris, and C looks more like clubwear than fighting gear… I also like D for the same reason as ParanoidSpy

  13. DamnCatOnMyDesk says:

    I’m gonna vote A. :p

  14. Lorialet says:

    I vote for outfit D. Tasteful and androgynous. Perfect!

  15. Lisa says:

    Chris would probably want C but I like D. 🙂

  16. Syncline says:

    Definitely D.

    Hot Pants? Spandex? Kirby Cutouts that flash an identifiable tattoo?
    Chris is an original- too smart a dresser to go with the gay stereotype, the superhero norm, or even an old-school classic style.

    Unisex and flamboyant with good taste IS his style

  17. shadowvyper says:

    I vote D

  18. Plaurel says:

    Either A or D

  19. sweet says:

    Got to vote D!!!

  20. Armethis says:

    D by all means D!!!

  21. rypperdoc says:

    All those buttons can be fun. Of course to add to it, there could be a row of buttons down the left so he can switch sides.

  22. Steven says:

    D cause its keeps the mystery, every other hes obviously a guy

  23. Questionable Panda says:


  24. Standard says:

    I don’t like the cutouts in C. B works except for the chest, which seems off a bit. I like A but it needs a little half-jacket or something.

    So D.

  25. Schlagsahne1337 says:


  26. Animeman says:

    Top of A with Bottom of C…I just think the laces suit hm

  27. Orlah Ehontas says:

    My preference is for D, but having worn a uniform with a boat-load of buttons (USN crackerjacks), my sympathy leans toward B. C get a Meh! and A just looks painful.

  28. Sean Duggan says:

    I’m with D.

  29. The Auld Grump says:

    Say it with me children, D!

  30. xero says:

    A looks 2 much like his old costume B reminds me of aqualad and d looks like a blue variant of vash the stampede

    c on the other hand plays into his androgyny and his power of confusion which is why i voted for it

  31. D says:

    I also vote for D. The name is just a coincidence.

  32. Kam I Am says:

    D. Slightly more commanding, and offers the most protection.

  33. Just Karen says:

    D, though A is interesting.

  34. Twilights_Bard says:


  35. Shadu says:

    definately D!

  36. Laura says:

    Welp. Think that answers that.

  37. Teldon says:

    I know it’s been said but D really does play into the character the most.

  38. Casa says:

    D is the best in my opinion. A isn’t bad either.

    B&C make it to obvious that he is a male and that just won’t do for our little confusing Chris!

  39. Bartimaeus says:

    D. Definiiiitely.

  40. Ragingagnostic says:

    I know this contest must be long done but I agree with the majority and pick D. A looks too much like sex club wear, B exposes the heart (not a good idea in a do-gooder costumer), C exposes the heart AND the liver, kidneys and lower intestines (Seriously? Why not just put him in a red shirt?). D is functional, sleek, practical and covers all the necessary areas.

  41. Jayden Crowe says:

    C reminds me of the riddler.

  42. Elliot says:

    Totally D

  43. Hinoron says:

    D has the advantage of preserving some of his androgynous mystery.

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