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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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28 responses to “Back on the Streets IV”

  1. Skythorn says:

    Im stoked at the confidence and audacity Illuminatia is showing. As far as you can get from being a bubblehead as you can get I think.

  2. OtherAnonymous says:

    EEEE! Laser Mack. I do believe I’m in love.

    (Also, Skythorn, it’s “Illumina”, not “Illuminatia”)

  3. Kenshin Ryuu says:

    I’m suddenly reminded of Harry Dresden doing a very good intimidation move when he needs to get answers quickly: create a fireball in his hand that’s basically a mini sun and move it close to someone’s face so they feel like they’re going to burn up.

  4. Pygmy D. H. says:

    Right about now that guy Mack has is probably really wishing he’d wake up from this nightmare.

  5. CptNerd says:

    Sure hope there wasn’t anything airborne above Illumina when she ignited the finger-laser…

    • Mujaki says:

      Light only stops when it hits something.
      Space is VERY big.
      So yes, there WAS something above her when she ignited the finger-laser.
      It just might be a few centuries before it reaches the destination.

      • GJT0530 says:

        True, but it would also scatter/spread more and more over distance until it’s not “concentrated” enough to matter. I think it’s fair to assume even superpower based lasers aren’t 100% perfectly aligned to the point they are perpetual. Plus the atmosphere would misalign them even if they started that way so that even if it made it to space mostly “intact” it would still already be out of alignment enough to scatter before hitting an object in space.

      • Xero says:

        I would hope she throttled the intensity

      • CptNerd says:

        I was thinking maybe aircraft, birds, the random flying super…

  6. Joe says:

    I was a little curious when she came back and she was wearing black. The only other time I could think of any black on her costume was the Dark Illumina cover that was posted a while ago. She seems a little too calm about all of this and I wonder if she is turning evil. And, part of me kind of hopes for it, it would make a great story.

    • Kittiesofevil says:

      I hope they don’t do a “dark” storyline. It’s too cliche. More often than not when a female character gets a powerboost they seem to go evil. I like the idea of her figuring out that she’s actually strong and not just a secondary hero like her parents told her she was.

  7. Ragingagnostic says:

    “Hold verrrrrry still. I lose three assistants while learning this trick.” >:D

  8. Black Rose says:

    Mack can now shoot laser beams from her fingertips???

  9. Black Rose says:

    Mack and shoot laser beams from her fingertips???

  10. Xero says:

    *sniff sniff* anyone else smell amonia?

  11. Aavar says:

    Mack can glow so she can probably shoot laser beams from any part of her body(although she probably needs lots of practise to do that).

  12. Katy says:

    “You had a tick on your cheek. Best way to get rid of one is to burn it off.” *pause* “Now, d you want to talk about rethinking your life choices?”

  13. billydaking says:

    Panel 3: Somewhere, a freshly fried pigeon falls into a homeless person’s lap.

  14. OtherAnonymous says:

    At least we know she’s not going to give him a haircut.

  15. The passing critic says:

    Uh Illumina….Your sidekick just recently got a guy fired over stuff like this….No seriously im not joking even if shes bluffing this is entering police brutality territory

    • Mike says:

      I mean it’s not as bad as hurting him but threatening someone with deadly force (or what they think is deadly force) when you already have them captured crosses a line.

    • Tris says:

      I agree, she is intimidating him after having him restrained already. For what purpose? You could say she is trying to get a new status in town and be known for being tough, but thats really not what Illumina is about at all? She may have been not really smart, but she was mostly kind. I’m a bit worried which path she is going down and if her friends will encourage her instead of “Woah, slow down, this is not needed”.

  16. Nightmask says:

    @The passing critic No Sidekick Girl’s temp hero partner got himself fired and surely imprisoned for a laundry list of criminal acts on his part whereas Illumina’s actions so far are so far standard hero intimidation as she establishes her street cred.

  17. Mischa Avros says:

    Actually, that guy is not immoblized, he’s just temporarily restrained at the moment. Catching him in her telekinesis is a good tactical move, but it’s hardly the end of the fight. It may be a fight the guy has no chance of winning, but that doesn’t mean she could just walk away right now and leave him as is. Finishing moves are a thing for a reason.

  18. Mischa Avros says:

    The fight isn’t over until he’s still restrained even after she leaves, whether that be in a lazer cage, tied up by SG, or in the handcuffs of the cops that she was waiting to show up so she could hand him off to.

  19. Storel says:

    You go, girl!

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