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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Trying really hard to get everything back on track.  Thanks for your patience.

It is, as they say, on.

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  1. Spliced says:

    I’m more on the edge of my seat for various other reasons.

  2. Jerden says:

    Yes. I am excited about Christmas.

    Now, this alternate reality… I’m guessing that Val got whatever power the Vigilante in the normal reality got. Which means that large quantities of ass will be kicked.

  3. Captain Jack says:


  4. Syncline says:

    Yeah this fight will be interesting.
    Comic meta- discussion about to occur.

    I keep wondering: what is our Val gonna be taking home from this trip and extended story arc? A moral perspective? A new viewpoint? A little wisdom? A power? So far it’s just been abuse and diminished importance.
    Everything about this trip (maybe E&L’s thought, length, and effort in it) seems to imply some significant change coming for SG. When we left, Mack was having issues with being a hero, feeling that she (and her sidekick, one might conclude) wasn’t the hero the city needed. Val disagreed but really had made little progress in making her point to Mack.

    Then the entire universe steps up and seemingly tries to make Mack’s point for her. EVERYTHING about this trip would seem to rub our nose in Mack’s view of the situation: Val is only useful as a disposable key, she’s publicly belittled by super powered Bitch-ray Val; basically… the world is throwing Mack’s point right in Val’s face.
    Yet somehow this ties to the greater arc.

    All of this abuse means something to the writer, even if we haven’t seen it yet.
    Something important to the comic is coming.

    • David Johnston says:

      Well the big question is, since Val’s universe has a Dark, where’s the Light?

    • NoRAd says:

      Perhaps she’s getting a glimpse of the vigilante’s powerset so that she knows what they’re dealing with in her own universe, making it possible to catch/stop him? Only occurred to me because you made the connection between the Dark and the vigilante in your comment 😐

      On the other hand, maybe Val will now get a completely different message, and figure that the vigilante is right, the “Heros” are wrong, and join up with him? It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

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